How to Celebrate Friendship Day – Some Ideas

booming friendship party

We all know friendship day is a day of close and true friends when they spend their quality time together. Let’s celebrate International Friendship Day on every first Sunday of August in each year to dedicate the same towards true friends. Now the question may arise – how to celebrate friendship day?

So take a look to have an idea of celebration:-

Start a day with warm wishes

Friends are forever but friendship day comes once in a year. So take out your mobile phone, drop a message or call him or her immediately to wish with a right gesture. If you have a group of common friends, better to arrange for a group calling and share your talks together with others.
You may write a special note or share sweet songs to honor them and to show how special they are.

Friendship Day Band friendship day band

Of course, the most common yet old method of celebration. We still remember the school days when we used to prepare handmade bands or buy the same from the market and tied the bands on friends hands. Time is still not changed, though the band style may change to the bracelet which is versatile in nature. As a symbol of the band, you can gift another form of jewellery which is mostly liked by your friends.

Gift ExchangingFriendship day gifts

Friendship is nothing like formality yet exchanging small gifts will never harm you, in fact, gives a warm pleasure to your friends. As a gift, you may opt for the photo frames consisting your pictures, homemade gifts, pens, notebook, wallets, or other which is mostly liked by your friends or willing to buy. Due to lack of time, one may not be available to buy the things directly from the store, so you may opt for the online gifting store in India which will be delivering the desirous gifts at your friend’s doorstep.

Spend Quality time together

No excuse will be given of lacking a time. Reason being, friendship day falls on Sunday on which everyone is free to move out. It would be blasting to spend time together with some unique ideas like:

  • Go for the shopping altogether
  • Have a dinner or lunch
  • Go for a movie
  • Can go for the adventurous or entertainment place to gather sweet memories
  • Can go for the long drive

One may opt for the nearest place to roam around and to celebrate the friendship day in a promising way to make the day more special. One need to spare some hours for friends out of the busy schedule.

Enjoy day with the booming party booming friendship party

Youngsters are quite keen to have blasting fun so they prefer to throw a party at the disco or some loud place. Make a plan, choose the wise place and throw a party. You may make it more special by designing creative invitation cards, welcoming friends with warm hugs, arranging music sessions and dancing, and speaking out from your hearts.
Try to avoid alcohol or other things which may ruin your day or harmful for your body physic.

Best Friendship Spirits Forever

Do not take it as a day only, just cherish the whole years with the true spirit of friendship. Help them at the time of need, share your experiences, be true to your friend, do not hide things related to them, Encourage them to do well, be in touch always and keep on visiting on a random basis.

Celebrate the international friendship day on first Sunday of every August in each year with no excuse of a busy schedule. Have a joyful day, avoid your conflict with the direct communication and build a healthy relationship. Happy friendship day guys!!

Friendship Day – A Festive for True Friends

happy friendship day 2016

What is friendship day? Why is friendship day celebrated? When is friendship day celebrated? There are too many questions running in the mind of people or youth like us. Some say it is just a day like others, some try to elaborate with the most promising resolutions towards friends. Actually, friends are the most important part of our life, as friends make us feel better, make us laugh. We can share anything without thinking too much or without getting worried. If friends are such a blessings, so we should make a celebration for their existence in our life.

happy friendship day 2016What is Friendship Day?

We celebrate the Friendship day to dedicate the day to our special friends and companions to cherish the special moments, explore the best part of the relationship, and to tell them how special or important they are in our life.

Why is Friendship Day celebrated?

There are too many stories behind the celebration of friendship day, though there is no fixed reason has been found till now. Still following points may elaborate the importance of Friendship Day:

  • It is first started when the US congress declared the first Sunday of August as friendship day in 1935 and happy friendship dayeventually celebrated each year.
  • Winnie the Pooh became the ambassador or friendship in 1997
  • One can feel True friendship in the old testimonial of the bible, where Abraham is referred as a friend of God.
  • One can feel the true friendship with the real emotions of Shri Krishna towards Arjuna in Mahabharata.

true friendship example

Above mentioned are the live resemblances paying tributes towards true friendship.

The idea of celebrating the friendship day is formally caught up by the youngsters only and now, it is celebrated in whole countries. Though the idea is being taken in light by the US country, but later, every country adopted this as a tradition which is good for the healthy relationship among several countries. Now it is celebrated as the international friendship day to motivate others to forget complications and to strengthen the relationships.

When is Friendship Day celebrated?

Presently, friendship day is celebrated all across the globe as a national day. Some socio-cultural organizations are celebrating the national friendship day enthusiastically on every first Sunday of August in each year. They host the program or events, invites coworkers, make some performance, enjoy with dinner and food to create a healthy atmosphere of get-together.

Though there is no fixed rule on how to celebrate the friendship day, yet people love to celebrate the day with too many creative ideas. It includes – sending messages and giving warm wishes through greetings cards, exchanging gifts, organizing a party, giving surprise visits, tagging them with the special notes and expressing how they matter in their life, cutting cakes, gifting friendship day bands, etc.

Whatever the mood is, we at blog vertex would like to give a message to all the youths, – celebrate friendship day from a heart, not as a formality. Friends are the precious gifts which are chosen by you only, so choose them wisely. Praise them but criticize them as well in case of mistakes. Make them understand. Be a wellwisher always and stop them for any unethical performances. Do good, be good. Happy Friendship day to all!!