9 Health Tips To Prevent Yourself From Flu

Health Tips

Seasonal flu can wreak havoc on your health, therefore, it is a good idea to prevent yourself from flu. the best way to prevent yourself from flu is to take the required vaccination every year. In addition to this, you should also develop good habits such as cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing. 

You should also wash your hands frequently so that you do not get infected due to germs in your hands. Also, you should avoid touching your face as much as you can. It will prevent you from dangerous cases of flu and let you be healthy. 

There is some antiviral that helps in curbing the spread of flu. Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you to prevent yourself from the flu and stay healthy.

1. Take Required Vaccination

The seasonal vaccine plays a vital role in the prevention of flu. Taking vaccination before starting of flu season will prevent you from getting ill.  You should visit your doctor and ask him/her for the specific vaccination

2. Stay Away From Infected People

You should stay away from people who are suffering from flu, otherwise, you will also get affected. You should provide a separate room to the sick person in your family and maintain the specific distance. 

It will help in the spreading of flu. Also, you should stay home when you are not well. You should immediately take off from work, school or college so that you can take rest at home and recover soon.

3. Stay Comfortable

If you want to fight against the symptoms of flu, then it is imperative to stay comfortable when you are suffering from the flu. Your room temperature should be comfortable so that you can stay comfortable and your body can re-energize. 

You can attain a good temperature in your room by installing air conditioning Sydney. This latest technology air conditioner can maintain the optimum temperature in your home and also trap microbes that spread diseases. If you can sleep well and stay hydrated, then there is a high possibility of receiving it soon.

4. Cover Your Face

You should develop good habits such as covering your face and nose with a tissue while sneezing and coughing. Whether you are sick or well, you should cover your face. 

It will help in curbing the spread of flu and prevent other people to get infected. There are various cases of flu that spread due to coughing, sneezing, and dirty hands. 

5. Wash Your Hands Often

You should wash your hands often so that you can prevent yourself from harmful microbes that can make you ill. You should properly wash your hands with soap and water. Also, you can use alcohol-based hand rub. Often washing hands can save the lives of people.

6. Do Not Touch Your Face

We all touch our faces thousands of times in the day. But, you should change this habit. It is recommended to stop touching your face again and again. Your hand may have harmful germs and when you touch your nose or mouth with dirty hands, then there is a high probability of getting contaminated.

7. Try Good Health Practices

You should regularly clean and disinfect the surfaces at your home, school, and workplace as well. This health practice should be especially followed when someone is ill. 

Also, you should drink a good amount of water, take a sound sleep, eat healthy food and do regular exercise. Your regular preventive action will keep you safe from the flu and various other health problems.

8. Regular Maintenance Of Air Conditioning

The ducted air conditioning units can trap very small microbes and keep you safe. But, if you want to maintain clean air inside your home, then it is very important to do the regular maintenance of ducted air conditioning Sydney. 

Also, you should replace the filters of the air conditioner every six months. If these filters are not replaced after six months, then they will start spreading germs. 

So, instead of keeping you safe and healthy, this filter will make you sick. Therefore, if you use ducted air conditioners at your home, then you should call professionals for maintenance and cleaning.

9. Take A Sound Sleep

You should take a sound sleep, it will help in maintaining the immunity system of your body. If you face any problem in sleeping, then maintain the ideal atmospheric condition in your room that promotes sound sleep. 

If any family member in your home is not well, then allot a separate room and turn on the air conditioner to maintain the ideal atmospheric condition. The night mode of latest technology air conditioners is highly efficient. When we sleep our body rejuvenates and repair damages in our body. Therefore, you should sleep well to recover soon. 

Why People Smoke – Some Common Triggers

Smoking kills!! Every single guy knows the truth, still, no one wanna quit smoking. It is the common activity for them or may be a part of the fun. Smoking is taking the life of human slowly and gradually. Serious health problems, weak digestive system lung cancers are the results of continuous smoking. Know the reasons for adopting Smoking as a regular habit:-

1.   An addiction: Cigarette contains nicotine which is the most addictive the heroin and cocaine. It controls the brain, nerves while passing through the bloodstream. Consuming it once will raise the desire to consume more. People feel the more urge to consume nicotine.

2.   Psychological factor: “too much workload”, “not having time to sleep” People take the smoking as the stress relieving factor, or to calm down their mental urges. Whenever they find themselves into any problems, they seek the help of cigarettes to tackle down the situation (although it will not work). A cigarette can never relieve the stress or depression, it is just a fake assumption.

3.   Surroundings: you may work guy or a homely guy. If your family members smoke, you may also get the habit from them, you may also inspire your friends, colleagues, and roommates. The working atmosphere and social gathering may influence to consume cigarette on regular basis or occasionally.  People take smoking as social resemblance or a part of social get-together. If you are engaged in long discussion, smoking is taken as the common activity.

4.   Copying other or Role model: If Akshay Kumar is my favorite hero, I would copy his style and will follow him. Likewise, almost people have their own role models to whom they try to copy. It can be the powerful factor of smoking. Sometimes, we got inspired by the lifestyle of someone (who used to smoke daily), also raise an urge to smoke.

5.  Pressure or Force: Some are forced to smoke. Live examples can be found in working life. Jobless people have to start smoking if their employers put such conditions. Many people start smoking in the pressure of fear, lack of finance, or sudden circumstances.

6.   Smoking is taken as a measure of Weight Control: Youngsters or adults are more into smoking as they feel it as the effective measure of reducing or controlling weight (although it is a rumor). In fact, Smoking reduces the hunger sense which ultimately leads to less consumption of the meal and less appetite.

7.   A part of Fun and Adventure: Children or youngster take it as a challenge. They smoke as a part of fun, adventure, experiment, and entertainment. They are not aware of the consequences and no one is there to stop them as they smoke without telling or showing others. They just want to kill boredom.

8.   Relaxing factor: While smoking you exhales and inhales a part of air with long breath which delivers you a sense of deep relaxation. If they are annoyed with the employers, suffering from the family or financial problems, prisoner of physical abuse, they feel a sense of pleasure while smoking.

9.   To look Impressive: It is their assumptions that smoking personality is bindass, impressive, mature and stunning.  To be the cool guy is not possible through cigarette; it is our mind only which influences us to smoke more.

In short, Smoking triggers can be classified into 4 parts:-

  • Emotional triggers include stress, anxious, excitement, loneliness, feeling of losing the dear one, dissatisfaction, fighting, boredom, lack of happiness, etc.
  • Life-Style Triggers includes smoking while talking on the phone, after having sex, drinking alcohol, watching TV, driving, after the meal, reading a newspaper, in the toilet or taking the work break.
  • Social Triggers includes workplace, smoker friend circle, going to bar/party or social event, getting inspired by role model, copying some other personality, celebrating etc. People feel it a matter of pride with the social gathering
  • Influencer Trigger works when you are the smoker for a long time. It will raise an urge to carry the lighter, craving the taste of the cigarette, smell of smoking and so on.

Whatever the reason is, meditation, exercise, proper diet, professional help altogether can kick these triggers slowly. Research shows most people start smoking in their teens only and get addicted by the time. Some people smoke occasionally and later on get addicted. Finally, people smoke when they love to smoke and it gives them immense pleasure. No side-effects can’t stop them to smoke but it is always advisable to know the most common triggers or your life and hit them with the great power or smoke quitting techniques.

Wanna Quit Smoking- Follow 9 Easy Steps

Smoking- not only harmful for the addicted person but spoiling the surrounding as well. It is tough to quit but not impossible. Strong willpower and right guidance are the two powerful sources to offer a stoppage to smoking. Here we are breaking down the most effective ways of quitting to smoke. Let’s read and comment back to us which ideas are working for your aim.

  1. Positive Approach: Think positive or carry a to do approach. You might have tried hard to quit smoking earlier but the idea did not work. It’s ok, try again with more willpower. Go back to the bitter memories of the past which might be responsible for smoking and correct them with the happening and happy moments you are living with your family and loving people. Even think about other bad habits which you have left with the same positive attitude. Even if you have quitted smoking for 24 hours, consider it as a big achievement.
  2. Draw a Plan: Nothing works without planning. A well-planned chart will motivate you to stay focused. You may design a plan by your own or can seek a help of professional as well. Just set a date and time to stop the smoking, stick to it every time. Whenever your mind forces you to take a drag, simply say ‘no’. Yes, it will work. While planning, keep in the mind the actions to be taken and the escape routes as well.
  3. Decide Your Diet: People love to smoke after having meals as it tastes better. A study reveals that non-veg foods like meat, steak make cigarettes more satisfying, on the other hand, Cheese, fruits, and vegetables make the smoking experience terrible so adopt a good diet which leads to good health instead, a bad habit. Do not ever skip meals, instead, have timely meals.
  4. Improve Drinking Habits: Fizzy drinks, alcohol, coffee, cola, tea may inspire you to consume more cigarettes, comparatively; healthy drink like water, juice will simply change your smoking habits. So know your drinking habits and change accordingly. Avoid caffeine and drink more water.
  5. Change Work or staying place: Smoking sometimes depends on the living place so change that atmosphere which is stopping you from quitting smoking. The atmosphere includes living place, working place, friends and surrounded people. If it is not possible to leave, start avoiding.  Go to the place, where no one smokes.
  6. Sketch the Triggers and start avoiding: Identify the reasons which were responsible for putting you in smoking. These are called triggers which can be emotional, social, cultural and environmental. Just find out the actual reasons and work out to resolve. If the reason is psychological, reduce the stress level. If talking over the phone for long keep you encourage smoking, keeping the pen or some other thing to keep your hand and mouth busy.
  7. Take Help: Quitting smoking may not be so easy and so not easy to do it alone. Invite friends who are also caught with such bad habits and perform collective activities. This follows the statement” together we work, together we grow”. Ask your family to support. Seek professional advice with proper diet plan and quitting activities.
  8. Keep Yourself Busy: A free mind can be disastrous so better to do something all the time. After all, you are not free at all. To avoid smoking habits, you may go for a long walk, chew gum or eat candy, keep your hands busy with working or gaming, go to a movie, spend time with friends, or do something which does not make you remember about the smoking.
  9. Nicotine Replacement: Use some kind of nicotine therapy which may prove as a perfect example and measurement. You may apply nicotine patch, nicotine lozenges and another thing which may take place of cigarette.

Nothing is possible is a day, continuous practice makes a man perfect. So quit smoking for a minute, then for an hour, for a day, a week, a month and then the habit will remove by its own. “Slow and steady wins the race”- so set a time and date and work gradually. Do not over think about smoking or quitting, just run far from the cigarettes, throw the lighters, and hide the ashtrays and adopt a healthy living style. Quitting smoking may create some discomfort or consequences in your life, be strong to overcome these difficulties. Always remember that a cigarette has nothing to do well with your body. It’s only your mind which will decide the right path. In fact, quitting smoking will regain energy, self-confidence, self-esteem, good health, wealthy life and healthy brain.

Lit up your final cigarette today only and solemn not to have again in future. Life is more beautiful without smoking. Do not ever consume cigarette just to be sociable, instead, make a unique personality in a crowd. Life will become smoother once you follow the above-mentioned rules with high enthusiasm and will power. Cheers!!