Wanna Quit Smoking- Follow 9 Easy Steps

Smoking- not only harmful for the addicted person but spoiling the surrounding as well. It is tough to quit but not impossible. Strong willpower and right guidance are the two powerful sources to offer a stoppage to smoking. Here we are breaking down the most effective ways of quitting to smoke. Let’s read and comment back to us which ideas are working for your aim.

  1. Positive Approach: Think positive or carry a to do approach. You might have tried hard to quit smoking earlier but the idea did not work. It’s ok, try again with more willpower. Go back to the bitter memories of the past which might be responsible for smoking and correct them with the happening and happy moments you are living with your family and loving people. Even think about other bad habits which you have left with the same positive attitude. Even if you have quitted smoking for 24 hours, consider it as a big achievement.
  2. Draw a Plan: Nothing works without planning. A well-planned chart will motivate you to stay focused. You may design a plan by your own or can seek a help of professional as well. Just set a date and time to stop the smoking, stick to it every time. Whenever your mind forces you to take a drag, simply say ‘no’. Yes, it will work. While planning, keep in the mind the actions to be taken and the escape routes as well.
  3. Decide Your Diet: People love to smoke after having meals as it tastes better. A study reveals that non-veg foods like meat, steak make cigarettes more satisfying, on the other hand, Cheese, fruits, and vegetables make the smoking experience terrible so adopt a good diet which leads to good health instead, a bad habit. Do not ever skip meals, instead, have timely meals.
  4. Improve Drinking Habits: Fizzy drinks, alcohol, coffee, cola, tea may inspire you to consume more cigarettes, comparatively; healthy drink like water, juice will simply change your smoking habits. So know your drinking habits and change accordingly. Avoid caffeine and drink more water.
  5. Change Work or staying place: Smoking sometimes depends on the living place so change that atmosphere which is stopping you from quitting smoking. The atmosphere includes living place, working place, friends and surrounded people. If it is not possible to leave, start avoiding.  Go to the place, where no one smokes.
  6. Sketch the Triggers and start avoiding: Identify the reasons which were responsible for putting you in smoking. These are called triggers which can be emotional, social, cultural and environmental. Just find out the actual reasons and work out to resolve. If the reason is psychological, reduce the stress level. If talking over the phone for long keep you encourage smoking, keeping the pen or some other thing to keep your hand and mouth busy.
  7. Take Help: Quitting smoking may not be so easy and so not easy to do it alone. Invite friends who are also caught with such bad habits and perform collective activities. This follows the statement” together we work, together we grow”. Ask your family to support. Seek professional advice with proper diet plan and quitting activities.
  8. Keep Yourself Busy: A free mind can be disastrous so better to do something all the time. After all, you are not free at all. To avoid smoking habits, you may go for a long walk, chew gum or eat candy, keep your hands busy with working or gaming, go to a movie, spend time with friends, or do something which does not make you remember about the smoking.
  9. Nicotine Replacement: Use some kind of nicotine therapy which may prove as a perfect example and measurement. You may apply nicotine patch, nicotine lozenges and another thing which may take place of cigarette.

Nothing is possible is a day, continuous practice makes a man perfect. So quit smoking for a minute, then for an hour, for a day, a week, a month and then the habit will remove by its own. “Slow and steady wins the race”- so set a time and date and work gradually. Do not over think about smoking or quitting, just run far from the cigarettes, throw the lighters, and hide the ashtrays and adopt a healthy living style. Quitting smoking may create some discomfort or consequences in your life, be strong to overcome these difficulties. Always remember that a cigarette has nothing to do well with your body. It’s only your mind which will decide the right path. In fact, quitting smoking will regain energy, self-confidence, self-esteem, good health, wealthy life and healthy brain.

Lit up your final cigarette today only and solemn not to have again in future. Life is more beautiful without smoking. Do not ever consume cigarette just to be sociable, instead, make a unique personality in a crowd. Life will become smoother once you follow the above-mentioned rules with high enthusiasm and will power. Cheers!!