After 70 years, the world’s fastest cat returns to India

Cheetahs have been seen roaming in India for the first time since they were declared extinct officially in 1952. On the occasion of Narendra Modi’s birthday, a group of eight cats arrived from Namibia on Saturday. They have to undergo a month-long quarantine before being released into the national park in central India. 


Cheetahs shared jungles with other big cats such as lions and tigers, but they disappeared about 70 years ago. No doubt they are the world’s fastest land animals, which have the capacity to reach 70 miles( 113k) in just one hour. For the first time, a large carnivore has been moved from one continent to the other and also introduced to the world. 


A total of 20 cheetahs are coming to India from South Africa and Namibia, which will be home to more than a third of the world’s 7000 cheetahs. The first batch of cheetahs will consist of five males and three females. They will all be aged two to six years old and arrive from Windhoek in Namibia in the Indian city of Gwalior on Saturday. 


About three biologists, veterinary doctors, and wildlife experts will accompany the animals to take care of them on the transcontinental journey in a modified passenger jet, which is a Boeing 747 plane. 



  • How many cheetahs are you bringing?

Ans. Eight 

  • When will the cheetah be received in India?

Ans. On Saturday 

  • Where will the cheetah land in India?

Ans. Gwalior

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