Top Rooftop Solar Companies in India

Hailed as one among the top ten countries in the world who are utilizing solar power with full enthusiasm, India has come a long way in the solar power domain. With one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, its repercussions are manifold. Primarily, rapid growth in consumerism and globalization has led to an increased carbon footprint in the country, something it is unable to cope up from. So, how would it be then to use something that is perhaps the most abundant natural source of energy: Sun, to fight odds? Here, ensuring India is clean and green, utilizing solar power seems to be a likely answer. 

There are myriads of ways in which solar energy is generated, however, Solar Rooftop System holds an ideal position. The reason being: firstly, in urban and rural India, millions of homes and commercial buildings have rooftops that receive an ample amount of sunlight daily, this can be converted into electric power. Secondly, they don’t demand extra setup and cause less hassle in setup. Thirdly, electricity costs are rising every year. Comparing average data, a commercial consumer is liable to pay around Rs. 7-9/- for using a unit of electricity. This, in turn, increases the overall expenditure. A rooftop plant reduces the electricity bills and helps in incurring profits going forward.

In sync with that, in February 2019, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by Narendra Modi approved the Phase-II of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Programme: aiming to achieve 40,000 MW by 2022. along with that, many other govt. led initiatives such as subsidies on power and policies on net-metering and providing it a strong base for the future.

The solar industry in this country is taking an interesting turn. So, let’s talk about the leading players in India’s solar industry. 

Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd has been India’s leading solar company for decades. They are pioneers in India’s rooftop domain for more than 30 years. With a promise of 40% cheaper electricity, their solutions ensure energy-efficient living, cost savings and creating conscious citizens for a sustainable journey. 

Loom Solar Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Haryana manufactures 10 watt-340 watt solar PV modules in poly and mono crystalline technology. It has already installed 75+ kW rooftop installations in homes, offices, and hospitals across India. Though recognised as Startup by Government of India, it comes with strong brand equity and holds a market leadership position in Mono Crystalline Panels that generates power in low light and cloudy weather.

Jakson stands as one of the strongest players in the sector with a portfolio of 40+ MW and numerous private and govt. projects under its belt. With expertise and in-house engineering capabilities, they have built innovative rooftop solar power plants in innumerable sizes: from a few KW to MW depending on needs. Ensuring zero hassle to customers, they have 70+ MW rooftop solar portfolio which incorporates their in-house manufacturing of modules and MMS and they promise to reduce your electricity costs by 50%. What makes them stand out from the rest is their customer stories, which involve projects in Rashtrapati Bhawan; solar rooftop on coaches of Indian Railways; on Varanasi and Raipur airports; on MDU University, Rohtak; on Yamuna Sports Complex and with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. Not just this, they have planned to invest Rs 300 crores in Assam by setting up the state’s biggest solar power plant having 70 MW capacity. Further, they have started to develop 70 MW of solar projects in Amguri, Assam already. 

Few other important names in business are Icomm Tele Ltd, founded in 1989 it is one of the very few companies in India to have a global reach. It has a strong presence in Nepal, Sri Lanka,  Bangladesh, and many Middle Eastern nations. Then we have Vikram Solar and Waaree who are doing a noteworthy work in the solar industry.

Apart from them, We have another name in the Solar Industry i.e. Solaritis that  is one of the best solar energy consultants in Delhi & offering rooftop solar panel installations in Gurgaon as well.

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