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Facebook Just Launched Its “Food Ordering Service”


Facebook unveiled an innovation for users this Friday. Facebook, the most used social networking site will have a delivery service for its US users. Users will be able to purchase food through their application or website. Facebook Just Launched Its “Food Ordering Service” Facebook unveiled an innovation for users this …

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Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Items

Our day begins with our breakfast. As after a long sleep at night our body needs much amount of energy to get ready for whole day’s work and this energy can we get from the healthy breakfast? Breakfast should not be heavy as after heavy meal we feel sleepy. So …

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Quick and Cool Drinks for Summer

Summer is upon here and we have to fight with a heat of this summer season. In summers we feel a lack of energy and tired every time. Our body demands some energy to do work. Energy can be obtained by some health drinks, which keeps us cool and refreshing …

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Holi Special Homemade Snacks to Serve


Holi special homemade snacks to serve Though each Indian festival has uniqueness lying behind the story and rituals, but holi has something different to do. being the festival of colors, it spreads a flow of happiness among each human. Each color denote a special message to everyone. Whatever the festival …

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Simple and Healthy Homemade Bread Pizza

best way homemade bread pizza

Pizza – a word that brings water in my mouth. I was always being curious to have Pizza on weekly basis. Like me, others will also be keen to have Pizza party. But Pizza is not necessarily been affordable all the time for all the people. In fact, outside Pizzas …

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