Friendship Day – A Festive for True Friends

happy friendship day 2016

What is friendship day? Why is friendship day celebrated? When is friendship day celebrated? There are too many questions running in the mind of people or youth like us. Some say it is just a day like others, some try to elaborate with the most promising resolutions towards friends. Actually, …

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Best Home Based Jobs Idea to Earn Extra Income

home based jobs ideas

It may not be possible to run a family with the fixed salary job in this cutting edge country. Time has gone when male partner used to earn for the necessary things and female partner stays home to perform household chaos. Now the competition is tougher than ever, so one …

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Top 10 Hill Stations to Visit in India

Shimla-Hill station in india

It could be a most challenging venture for any traveller to decide upon an excellent hill station in India for touring, trip, honeymoon or revel in journey routine in India. Nevertheless, there are numbers of prime noted hill stations across India for enjoying vacations during any season, both in summer …

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Effective Yoga For Pregnant Lady

Virabhadrasana yoga for normal delivery

Effective Yoga For Pregnant Lady for Childbirth Yoga Asanas or workouts are approaches of relocating or keeping the body in distinct positions. Yoga has a few workout routines or postures that work wonders on a woman’s well-being and in being pregnant stipulations. Various generally in software and kind, these workout …

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Holi Special Homemade Snacks to Serve


Holi special homemade snacks to serve Though each Indian festival has uniqueness lying behind the story and rituals, but holi has something different to do. being the festival of colors, it spreads a flow of happiness among each human. Each color denote a special message to everyone. Whatever the festival …

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Big Happiness Lies in Small Things

cute baby image

Child life is better than anyone’s life as they have no tensions, no stress, no fear and nothing negative in their mind. In this world, nothing can be pure like a child heart. Here I am talking about my niece who is just one and half year old. Her real …

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How to Celebrate Safe and Eco-Friendly Diwali


We all know, Diwali is the best festival for which everyone awaits every year and plan to celebrate the same in a different & traditional way.  We see the markets crowded, Offices decorated, Residential places cleaned, People’s well-dressed, it means, everything Looks so charming and happening that feel like heaven …

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Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose


Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose “Go” refers to “Cow” and “Mukha” refers to “face” so it is called Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose. While performing this asana, this yoga posture resembles a Cow head. This asana is also one of the powerful asanas. Stages Spread a cloth on the floor …

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Padmasana or Lotus Pose


Padmasana or Lotus Pose “Padma” denotes “Lotus” so it acquires its name from lotus. This asana is also called “Kamalasana”. It is cross-legged posture which is well suited for meditation and for reciting mantras. Padmasana is well suited for boys and girls. Padmasana or Lotus Pose Stages:- Spread cloth on …

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Women Are Still Dependent and Surviving…


Women are still living life of dependency. India got freedom in 1947 but still not all the citizens of India. There is still discrimination present with the great percentage. If we talk about the male generation, they got freedom of every kind like they can wear whatever they want, they …

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Sheershasana or Headstand


Sheershasana or Headstand Sheersha denotes ‘head’ which is performed to make blood circulation better for head and eyes. This asana is treated as the king of all Asanas. Sheershasana or Headstand is also known as ‘kapaliasana‘. This asana needs huge practice to perform smoothly. Stages: Spread a blanket on the …

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Chakrasana or Wheel Pose


Chakrasana or Wheel Pose Chakrasana or Wheel Pose makes the body in half circle shape or spine twisted in semicircle shape, so this asana is called the Chakrasana. This asana resembles the rainbow as well. Stages: Lie straight on the floor after spreading bed sheet or some cloth. Keeps your …

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