A Salute to Traffic Police

Yes, a Salute for a traffic police. Most probably, we must have thought of the work of a traffic police who performs his duty standing all the time just to help us to commute well. He is to suffer with so much dust, pollution, noise etc. but still he stands in the middle of the crossroads.

It is my routine to get ready for the office and to come Gurgaon along with my husband in car.  While traveling, too many crossroads comes on our way.  We usually see the responsible traffic police who perform their task of managing the heavy to heavy traffic so smoothly and calmly. These traffic police are even not worried about their life. They just care for the general people who travel through their own vehicles.

We usually pay attention to our family with whom we live, our friends who are a part of our social life, our colleague with whom we work, our employer who provide us the opportunity to earn hard money for our survival etc. Apart from these, we do pay attention to doctors, lawyers, drivers etc. all of them work for us in exchange of money only. But we usually forget to pay attention to the traffic police who perform the duties with the great honesty without charging any penny from us and without bothering about their life and health. They do charge if we break the traffic rules a penalty. But they do have right to punish us for our negligence.

These traffic police are alike the soldiers who stands at the country border just to save us from the enemy country’s attack. Likewise, traffic police save us from the road accidents and uncertain mis-happening.  So this article is just to appreciate their efforts towards the social welfare. This article will also motivate them to perform their duties very well. Again A salute to Traffic Police for their hard work and dedication.