Uber said that no private users’ data was compromised in the cyber breach

On Saturday, Uber on the ride-hailing platform said that no private information of its users had been exposed in the data breach by an 18-year-old hacker. In its latest statement, the company said that its investigation and response efforts are ongoing for the safety of its workers. Uber also said that we have no evidence that the incident involved access to sensitive user data like trip history and all. 


The 18-year-old hacker had broken into Uber’s internal systems and reached the company’s tools like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, but the employees thought that someone was playing a prank. But the hacker made himself known to Uber employees by hosting a message on the company’s internal communication system, Slack. Uber said that all services provided by us, like Uber, Uber Eats, Uber Freight, and the Uber Drive app, are operating and nothing wrong happened. 


After that, the company reiterated that it had notified law enforcement agencies. The ride-hailing platform added that the internal software tools that it took down as a precaution yesterday are coming back online this morning. 


In October 2016, Uber was hit by a massive cybersecurity attack by hackers and exposed the confidential data of about 57 million customers and drivers. And this time, the teenage hacker listed the personal company information and posted a hashtag saying that Uber “underpays its drivers” on the internal communication platform slack. 



  • What did the hacker say to the communication platform of the company?

Ans. Uber underpays its drivers.

  • What is the average age of a hacker?

Ans. 18 years old. 

  • When was the last hacker cyberattack faced by Uber?

Ans. In 2016, 


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