An evacuation plea after a major hit by the strikes

About 22 streets are majorly affected in the district of Kryvyi, Oleksandr Vikul, the city district warned on Wednesday. Officials also said that a water flow of 100 cubic meters per second was gushing from the breaches. And the water level was very dangerous in the Inhulets River. Even Ukraine knows that this strike was revenge by Russia for its recent counterattack. Even the Volodymyr Zelensky Resident describes Russia as a terrorist state. 


On Wednesday night, he addressed the people and said, “You are the weaklings who fight civilians.” Scoundrels who have escaped from the battlefield, are trying to do harm somewhere far away. 


It seems a counter reference to the recent military of Ukraine’s success in a swift counter-offensive in the country. It is also seen that the Ukraine army reclaims the swathes of the nation and also forces Russian troops to retreat. The President said that the reservoir did not have any military value at all. The officials added that the water supply is affected by the attack and the risk of flood at 600,000 people. 


But Moscow did not comment on the reported missile strikes on Wednesday. The Russian military also admitted that hitting energy-generating targets caused widespread blackouts affecting millions of people in eastern Ukraine last weekend. On Wednesday, the president recaptured the city of Izyum, as it is a logistic hub in the Kharkiv region. 



  • How many people were at risk of flooding?

Ans. 600,000

  • For what Moscow did not comment?

Ans. The missile strikes 

  • What is the speed of the water?

Ans. 100 cubic meter 


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