Biography of Yogi Adityanath Ji- Current Chief Minister of UP

Current UP Chief Minister 2017

Biography Of Uttar Pradesh’s Current Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Ji:

Yogi Adityanath Ji has become the most popular person in India nowadays. He is an Indian priest cum politician belongs to Bhartiya Janta Party. He is now elected as a Chief Minister of India’s most populated state Uttar Pradesh Since 19th march 2017. He always follows the Hindutva religion and always wear peach color clothes like the saint.

Family and Early Life of Yogi Adityanath Ji:

parents of yogi adityanath ji

Yogi Adityanath was born on 5th June 1972 in the village of Panchur, Pauri Garhwal, Uttrakhand. His real name was Ajay Mohan Bisht. His father’s name is an Anand Singh Bisht and he was a forest ranger and his mother was a housewife named Savitri Devi. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He was the second child among all of them. He did his from Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna University in Uttrakhand. He always believed in Hindu religion. He left his home at the age of 21 when Ayodhya’s ram Temple movement was very active. He joined this movement and impressed by the chief priest of Gorakhnath Math, Mahant Avaidhyanath Ji.
childhood picture of Adityanath yogi

Life Of Adityanath as a disciple:

Yogi Adityanath came in the influence of the Mahant Avaidyanath Ji in 1993 and left his family and his village. He became the disciple of Mahant Avaidyanath Ji. He worked there as a priest and followed his guru. while he often visited his home village and he also established a school there. He became the successor of  Mahant Avaidyanath Ji after his death and became the high priest of Gorakhnath Math on 2nd September2014.

Political Life:

Mahant Avaidhyanath Ji was the BJP party member and was elected as a Lok sabha member. later this In 1996 Yogi Adityanath became the in charge of managing the election campaign for Mahant Avaidyanath.  He started his political career in 1998 and was elected the 12th Loksabha election and became the youngest MP Of Gorakhpur at the age of 26. He has been elected from the same seat for five consecutive terms ( 1998, 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2014). He started his own militant in 1998 named Hindu Yuva Vahini in which youth members are gathered to protect the Hindutva. This millitant was well known for its violent activities in eastUttar Pradeshdesh. Adityanath,s attendance was 77% inLoksabha and participated in 56 debates. He was appointed as a Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2017 when BJP won the assembly election. narendra modi with yogi

Work as a Chief Minister:

Yogi Adityanath was appointed as a Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh on 19th march 2017. After becoming a chief minister he is doing work more actively. He has shut down all the illegal slaughterhouses in Uttar Pradesh. He ordered police of Uttar Pradesh to prepare Anti Romeo squads to stop the women molestation. He suspended more than 100 corrupt police officer in Uttar Pradesh and ordered to all the Govt employees to work maximum time of 18 hours in a day. He imposed a ban on cow smuggling and ban on tobacco, pan, and smoking in every govt. offices. He pressurized the employees to devote 360 hrs. in a year for Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan. On 4th April 2017  in his cabinet meeting, he decides to free the bank loan on 87 lakh poor farmer amounting approx. $363.53 billion. Let’s see what more changes he will do in Uttar Pradesh. He is working very actively in his state.


Adityanath always became a highlight for his speeches and actions. In 2005, he started the movement of purification Drive in which he had convert 1800 Christians to Hinduism in Etah, Uttar Pradesh. He had given a speech also that he would never stop until he turns Uttar Pradesh and India into a Hindu State. His name was always found in Hindu-Muslim Riots in Uttar Pradesh. In 2007, in Muharram procession in Gorakhpur, Hindu and Muslim had some conflicts and a young Hindu name raj Agrahari was wounded and admitted to hospital. However, the district magistrate ordered the yogi Adityanath to keep away from the site as it creates more conflicts. but after the hospitalization of Hindu person, he denied the magistrate and traveled to the site and started a non-violent dharna at this site with a group of followers. By affected his inflammatory speeches, the young group set fire to the nearby Muslim mausoleum. Adityanath broken the curfew also and he was arrested by the local police and charged him for disturbing peace in that area. His arrest became the cause of big riots in Gorakhpur in which many mosques, train coaches, homes, buses, and trains were burnt. local police officers and district Magistrate were transferred and replaced.

In 2010, during the women reservation bill was opposed he said in the reservation should be done to the women as it didn’t affect the women basic responsibilities.

His hate speeches always create some issues and became the limelight for social media. In 2015, Yogi Adityanath said that one who opposes Surya Namaskar should leave the country and request to god sun to drowned such people into the sea. In late 2015, in one of his speech he commented that Actor Shahrukh Khan speaks like the Pakistan terrorist Hafiz Saeed and he should leave India and has to be sent to Pakistan. In one of his speech he also said that he wanted to install The shiva statue in every mosque. he compared the Pakistan to satan.  He always criticized Pakistan country and Muslim communities. His militant Hindu Yuva Vahini also had done many violent works and create tension in the state. This militant also worked for the Love Jihad. Yogi has been always in controversies for his speeches and straight forward statements.

Yogi Adityanath’s nickname is Yogi and he is an active politician and religious missionary. His zodiac sign is Gemini and he loves animals. his favorite politician is Narendra Modi. As a chief minister, he is doing effective work. May God bless him and help him to improve the current situation of Uttar Pradesh.

Biography Of An Amazing Actor – Vinod Khanna

Old Picture of Vinod Khanna

Biography Of Vinod Khanna:

Vinod Khanna was an Indian actor as well as a film producer. He was an active politician also. He earned so much name and fame in Indian film industry through his acting. He played all kinds of roles like negative role, as a supporting actor and a lead hero.

Early Life: 

Vinod Khanna was born on 9th October 1946 in Peshawar, Punjab (now in Pakistan). He belongs to a Punjabi family. His parent’s name was Kishanchand Khanna and Kamla Khanna. His father was a textile, dye and chemical businessman. Vinod Khanna FamilyHe had 4 siblings, 3 sisters, and 1 brother. His family had to migrate from Peshawar to Mumbai after the partition of India and Pakistan. He did his schooling initially in St. mary’s school, Mumbai until class 2nd. Then He transferred to St. Xavier’s School Delhi and after that, he did his schooling in Delhi public School, Mathura Road when his family moved to Delhi in 1957. But in 1960 family had to leave Delhi and again had to live in Mumbai. Khanna had to join Barnes School, Nasik. He wanted to do Engineering but his father wanted to join commerce college so that he could help him in his business. So Vinod Khanna had to join Sydenham College, Mumbai. He had no interest in commerce so he moved to other activities like theater. During his boarding school time, he spared most of his time in watching epics like Solva Sal and Mughal-e-Azam and he was attracted towards the motion pictures and wanted to run his career in acting. When he announced his desire about acting to his family, his father protested him and threatened him by pointing the gun at him. but after the efforts of his mother, his father convinced and gave him a time of 2 years. and told him if he was failed in this 2 years he had to join his business. but desires never end and hard work proved the success. Vinod Khanna completed his dream by his effort and hard work.

Bollywood Career:

Vinod Khanna had to play negative roles and supporting roles initially.His first film was Man Ka Meet in1968 in which Som Dutt was lead Hero and he played the role of villain.  He worked in Purab and Paschim, Aan Milo Sajna, Sacha Jutha and Mastana in 1970 and Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Elaan in 1971. He got his first break as a lead hero in the year 1971 In the film- Hum Tum Or Woh. which proved successful it was followed by the multi starer movie mere Apne in 1971. In 1973 he played a  role of Navy officer In Achanak which was very appreciated by people. After acting in Parchaiyan in 1973 he became famous as a romantic hero and got many offers for romantic movies also. He played many films as a lead hero like Farebi, Hatyara, Qaid, Zalim, Inkaar, Gaddar, Aap ki Khatir, Rajmahal, Main tulsi Tere Angan Ki, Adha Din Adhi Raat, Khoon Ki Pukar, Shak, Aarop, Takat, Jail Yatra, Qurbani.   He acted in Many multi starrer movies named Shankar Shambu, Chor Sipahi, Ek or Ek gyarah with Shashi Kapoor. Kudrat, Rajput and Prem Kahani with Rajesh Khanna. Hera Pheri, khoon pasina, Amar, Akbar Anthony and Mukaddar ka Sikander with Amitabh Bacchan.  He did many movies with other actors like Randheer Kapoor, Jeetendra, And Dharmendra. In 1980 he did the movie Qurbani which was rejected by Amitabh Bachan . This movie created a history in Khanna’s life and became the highest earning movie of that year.He did many films till 1982. But later on, he was greatly impressed by the spiritual Teacher Osho and left his career for 5 years. He returned in 1987 with his movie Insaf with Dimple Kapadia. He did then Zurm and Chandni and played a romantic role. In 1990’s he did many films named Muqaddar ka Badshah, rihaee, CID, Lekin, Hamshakal, EEna, Meena Deeka, Shatriya, Insaniyat ka Devta, Dayawan, Nischay, Himalaya putra, Surya, Karnama etc.

He got Filmfare life time achievement awards for his contribution to Indian cinema over three decades. After that He did small roles in some movies like Deewanapan, Wanted, Dabangg, pehchan, Risk, Dilwale etc.

Political career of Vinod Khanna: Latest Look of Vinod Khanna

In 1997 Vinod Khanna took steps in politics. He joined the Bharatiya Janata Party and won the election of Loksabha in Gurdaspur constituency in Punjab. In July 2002 he was elected as a union minister for culture and tourism and then he became the minister of External of affairs after six months. In 2004 he again elected in Gurdaspur but had to face defeat in 2009. but again he won the election from the same constituency in 2014. He was an active politician till death.

Personal Life Of Vinod Khanna: Vinod Khanna Sons

Vinod Khanna married to a girl named Geetanjali, he had met her in the college time. He married to Geetanjali in 1971 and the couple had two children named Akshay Khanna and Rahul Khanna. Both became Bollywood actors. In 1975 he became the disciple of spiritual leader Osho and was attracted towards him. in 1982 when his career was in peak he decided to left his family and career and went to Osho’s US  ashram Rajneeshpuram and became the sanyasi. This decision made a big conflict between him and his wife and she divorced him in 1985. After five years when he back home, he again started work in Indian Cinema. In 1990 he met with Kavita Daftary at a party and had affair between them. Kavita Daftary was a businesswoman who handles her father’s business and 16 years younger than Vinod Khanna. yet they decided to be together and married each other on 15 may 1990. From this marriage, Vinod Khanna had two children named Sakshi Khanna and Shraddha Khanna. He always supported his children in their career.

Death & Illness: 

Vinod Khanna was suffering from the bladder cancer. He was hospitalized to HN Reliance foundation and Research Centre In Girgaon Mumbai. After a few weeks in the hospital, he died on 27th April 2017 in a hospital.

Viod Khanna died with Bladder Cancer

Vinod Khanna was a rare actor of Indian film industry who has done so many movies. He was a handsome villain those times. It was said that if he didn’t leave his career in 1982 and went to Osho’s ashram then he was more popular than Amitabh Bachchan at those times. He had to become a gardener, had to clean toilets and dishes in Osho’s ashram. His nickname was Sexy Sanyasi at those times. Really he was an amazing actor and was always remembered for his acting and different roles. May God Peace his soul rest!

Biography Of The Best Villain of Indian Film Industry – Amrish Puri

Biography of Amrish Puri

Biography of Amrish Puri

Amrish Puri was very well known Indian Actor who was mostly appeared in the negative role. He played different types of roles in Bollywood but his image of villain most appreciated by the people. His dialogue Mogambo Khush Hua was considered his best dialogue. He did movies not only in Bollywood but he did Kannada, deluge, Punjabi and Hollywood film also.

Biography of Amrish Puri

Early Life:

Amrish Puri was born on 22nd June 1932 in Nawanshahr, Jalandhar, Punjab in the Punjabi family. His father’s name was Lala Nihal Chand Puri and mother’s name was Ved Kaur. He had four siblings. Two elder brothers named Chaman Puri and Madan puri both worked for Indian cinema and an elder sister named Chandrakanta And last his younger brother named Harish Puri. Later his family moved to Shimla and he did his graduation from B.M. college Himachal Pradesh.


Amrish Puri followed the path of his two elder brothers Chaman Puri and Madan puri who were well established in Indian cinema and well known for their negative roles. Amrish Puri wanted to be the hero but his scared eyes and his striking bass voice made the cause of his failure. He fails in becoming a hero but not in his career he was selected for the villain roles in Indian cinema. He had to join LIC when he was failed in first screen test in 1954. besides this job, he continued to work in Prithvi theater and performed in a play written by SAtyadev Dubey and won the Sangeet Natak Academy award In 1979. He found his break in movies at the age of 40. He played in many movies in Bollywood, Tollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi but he was best renowned for his work in Bollywood. He was the first notice in 1980 in the super hit movie Hum Panch in which he is played as the main villain. After that, he did many super hit movies in which he played negative roles like Bhumika(1977), Nishant (1975), The churning (1976), Mashal (1984), Mr. India( 1987)etc. He did many movies with Subhash Ghai and became a popular face in those times. The two superhit movie was Vidhata and Hero which he was offered him by Subhash Ghai.  Amrish puri’s memorable roles were Mogambo in Mr. India, Thakur Durjan Singh in Karan Arjun, Jagavar in Vidhata, Bhujang In Tridev, Thakral in Meri Jang, Balwant Rai in Ghayal And Lawyer Chadda in Damini. In spite of those negative roles, He was appreciated for his some positive and supporting roles in many movies also. As we remembered his golden Jubilee hit movie name Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge in which he played a supporting role and Pardes in which he played as an NRI. He also played a positive role in many hit movies like Ghatak, Phool or Kante, Gardish, China gate, Virasat etc.

Latest pic of Amrish Puri

He was also remembered in Outside India for playing a character of Mola Ram In English movie named Indiana Jones And the Temple Doom (1984), or this movie he had to clean shaved his head. He also played as a Khan in a Hollywood movie Gandhi(1982). He also did many Punjabi movies like chan PArdesi, Sat Sriakal and Shaheed Uddham Singh.  He got three times Filmfare Best supporting actor award for his movies named Ghatak, virasat, Merijung.  He played in more than 400 films in his career. His last film was KAchhi sadak which was released few days after his death.

Personal Life:Amrish Puri with his family

Amrish Puri Was married to Urmila Divekar on 5th January 1957, in Sri Krishna Temple In Wadala. The couple has two children named Rajeev puri and Namrata puri. His son Rajiv is a businessman and married to physiotherapist Meena.  Puri had four grandchildren named Sachi, Harsh wardhan, Shantanu Bagwe and Krish Bagwe.

His hobby was to collect different types of hats. whenever he went abroad he always bought hats from there. he had a collection of 200 hats in his wardrobe. He was very religious in nature.

Death And Illness:

He was suffered from the Brain hemorrhage. he died on 12 January 2005 due to his illness in Mumbai at the age of 72.

Amrish Puri had done approx 400 films in his career. He is always remembered as the best villain In Indian cinema.

Biography Of Superstar Rajesh Khanna

Who was rajesh khanna

Rajesh Khanna, who was known as the first superstar of Indian Hindi cinema. He was not only an actor but film producer and politician also.  He had done more than 180 films in his film career of which 168 are featured film and 12 short films. He was known by many names like Kaka, RK, Shehzada, The original king of Romance, Pasha of passion, The first Indian Superstar, and many others.

Early Life Of Rajesh Khanna:

Lovely couple Rajesh Khanna and his wife

Very few people know that real name of Rajesh Khanna was Jatin Khanna. He was born on 29th December 1942 in Amritsar, Punjab. Rajesh Khanna’s biological parents were Lala Hiranand Khanna and Chandrani Khanna. Rajesh Khanna was adopted by his parents’  relatives named Chunnilal Khanna and Leela wati Khanna. His adopted father was railway contractor who migrates from Lahore to Mumbai In 1935. He lived in Saraswati niwas in Thakurdwar, Mumbai. He did his schooling at Mumbai’s St. Sebastian Goan High school with Ravi Kapoor ( later known as Jeetendra).  Later He did his graduation from Nowrosjee Wadia college Pune and after that, he joined K.C. College Mumbai. He performed in School and college stages many times and won many prizes in Inter-college Drama competitions. His uncle KK Talwar changed his name from Jatin Khanna to Rajesh Khanna after joining films. His friends often called him Kaka.

Film Career of Rajesh Khanna:

Rajesh Khanna’s filmy career start in 1965 when he won the United producer’s all India contest and ranked first by beating 10000 contestants. He did films named Aakhiri Khat and Raaj. Both films proved hit. Rajesh Khanna achieved superstardom with his film Aradhana In 1969. He became the no.1 star and became the craze of the nation. He got a new name The First Indian Superstar of Hindi cinema he remained this title for 7 years (1969-1976). He left behind all the superstars of that time named like Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Raj Kapoor etc. But after Amitabh Bachchan success he had to share this name with him from (1977- 1991). He made a world record by giving 17 solo hit films in 3 years (1969-1971). He did 180 films in his career in which 168 featured film and 12 were short films. In all his film he gave 48 platinum Jubilee hits, 26 golden jubilee hits, 22 silver jubilee hits and 9 average hit films. His dialogue delivery was considered outstanding and his way of walking and speaking made crazy many peoples. His fan following was tremendous those times. female fans wrote letters to him with her blood. Rajesh Khanna considered Guru Dutt, Meena Kumari, and Geeta Bali as his Idols. His chemistry was greatly admired with many heroines named Sharmila Tagore, Asha Parekh, Zeenat Aman, Tanuja, Mumtaz and Hema Malini.  He has won many awards in his film career he got Filmfare best actor awards three times and was nominated for the same 14 times and he got All India critics award for best actor 7 times and was nominated for the same 10 times. His Greatest hits were Aradhana, Khamoshi, Kati Patang, Choti bahu, Aan milo Sajna, Mehboob ki mehndi, Anand and Hathi mere sathi etc.

 Later career Of Rajesh Khanna:

 In the early nineties, he started declining the most movies offers and entered into the politics. Rajesh Khanna served as a Congress M.P. from 1991 to 1996. Rajesh Khanna won the Lok sabha election from New Delhi seat In 1992 and defeat Shatrughan Sinha by 25000 votes and remained MP for 4 years.  After that, he did few movies Khudai, Sautela Bhai, Wafa, Riyasat, AA ab Laut Chale etc. He did some television serial also like Apne Parai (DD metro), Ittefaq(zee Tv)  and Raghukul reet sada chali Aayi .

Personal life:

Childhood photo of Twinkle and Rinki Khanna

Rajesh Khanna fell in love with the actress named Anju Mahendru and their affair remained for 7 years. But Anju refused to marry Rajesh Khanna and he wanted to marry her. so they broke up their relationship. After that, Khanna married to a newcomer actress and one of his fan named Dimple Kapadia. He married to her in march 1973 and her debut film Bobby was released in November 1973. They have two daughters named Twinkle Khanna And Rinki Khanna, both worked for HindAkshay Kumar, Aarav and twinkle khannai cinema. At one point of life, Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia had separated from each other but they didn’t take divorce. After their separation, Tina Munim who had done 11 films with Rajesh Khanna fell in love with him and wanted to marry him. But Rajesh Khanna refused her offer for the sake of his daughters. Twinkle Khanna who is now an Interior decorator married with superstar Akshay Kumar and Rinki Khanna, an actress married with a London-based investment banker named Samir Saran. However, Dimple and Rajesh separated from each other but couple were seen together in many parties and election campaigning.

Death and Illness:

Rajesh Khanna was affected with cancer. He was first admitted on 23rd June in Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai and discharged on 8 July. Later He was again admitted to the hospital on 14th July but discharged on 16th July as he wants to die in his home. He died on 18th July 2012 at his bungalow Ashirvad. His funeral took place on 19th July and it was attended by approx 9 lakh people in which fans of India and foreign countries were included. He died in the presence of his family members like his wife, daughters son in law grandchildren and many others. His dead body was lit by his grandson Aarav with the son in law Akshay Kumar. And his ashes were immersed in Ganga on 25th July 2012 by his wife Dimple Kapadia and His daughter Rinki Khanna.

Rajesh khanna died with cancer

In his 70 years of life, he did so many hit movies and his style was appreciated by Indians. His fan following was amazing. He was an outstanding actor and always remembered for his work. He was the Original superstar of Indian cinema. A great salute to Rajesh Khanna for his contribution in the Hindi Cinema.