Breezy started the e-commerce festive sale on its first two days

The e-commerce festive season sale, which started on Friday, has seen volume growth of about 28% in the first two days if we compare it with the last year. This data also includes the sales of smartphones and watches. 


According to Unicommerce, they said that personal care products like lotions, hair dyes, lipsticks, cosmetics, creams, deodorants, and bath soaps are the fastest growing segment. It increased with the order volume of 70% in the first two days. Unicommerce is new Delhi based and provides a platform for warehouse and inventory management. They also provide an omnichannel retail platform for eCommerce companies like Myntra and Boat. it compared and analyzed the data of more than 7 million orders that were processed for the findings. 


The electronic segment reported a volume expansion of 48 and was driven by audio products and smart wearables. If we talk about the fashion category, then it is one of the largest in terms of order volumes at 7%. The other segments, which include home decor, gifting products, furniture, and jewelry, also grew strongly, according to the data. 


Manish Tiwari, country manager of India’s consumer business, Amazon India, said that the festive season creates a strong demand across the categories. They are also easing off the worries about inflation, which could impact sales. In the words of Tiwari, there is nervousness, but it has been a very positive surprise for us ahead of our expectations. Customers care about spending all our brand panthers, and sellers are feeling a lot more comfortable. A strong start is what defines what will happen for the rest of the season. 



  • Who is Manish Tiwari?

Ans. The country manager of India’s consumer business

  • What is a unicommerce?

Ans. New Delhi-based platform which provides a platform for warehouse and inventory 

  • When did the festive season start?

Ans. Friday

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