Vincent Van Quickenborne and four arrested in Belgian minister ‘kidnap plot’

A 21-year-old Dutch man was detained by the police in the Netherlands, according to the National Public Prosecutor’s office. And three other Dutch men were also arrested in Holland on Friday night. 


It comes after a car containing firearms was found outside Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne’s home this week. This minister has been placed under tighter police surveillance after a serious threat was made to the federal prosecutor on Saturday. They said that they were informed last week of a possible threat to political safety. It had been taken very seriously and launched an investigation. 


While the exact details of the threat remain unclear. It is also reported that it was an attempted kidnapping, with some Belgian media linking the plot to drug criminals. But the prosecutor’s office has not confirmed the details yet. On Saturday, the three suspects were arrested, and Mr. Van Quickenborne said in a Facebook post that he had been placed under strict security and would not be taking part in the planned event in the next few days. 


He said that anyone who works to fight crime knows the risk, and he will continue to target criminal groups with the resources and manpower. The criminals said, “Let me be clear: the people behind this are achieving the opposite of what they intended, and it strengthens my conviction that we must keep fighting.” 



  • How many men were arrested in total for the kidnapping?

Ans. 4

  • What is the age of the Dutchman who was detained by the police in the Netherlands?

Ans. 21 years. 

  • When were the three Dutch men arrested?

Ans. Friday night

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