Morni Banke Lyrics From Badhaai Ho Movie 2018

Morni Banke Lyrics From Badhaai Ho Movie 2018

Lyrics: Morni Banke (Badhaai Ho)

Singers – Guru Randhawa, Neha Kakkar

Music – Tanishk Bagchi

Catwalk wali baby hai teri chaal
Backless suit vich lagdi kamaal
O kitthe chali jaandi ae (aha!)
O kitthe chali jaandi ae (oho!)Tennu puchna hai ikko hi sawaal
Oh dass de kawaari aa
Ya kisey de tu naal
Kyun dooron dooron jaani ae (aha!)
Jaan kadd jaani ae (oho!)Aine vi nakhre tu kar na soniye
Aine vi nakhre tu kar na soniye
Dil mera tere layi dhadke
Ni aaj phir kitthe
Aaj phir kitthe
Aaj phir kitthe challi aein
Morni banke, morni banke!
Aaj phir kitthe challi aein?
Morni banke, morni bankeSunday ton laike Saturday tak
Sunday ton laike Saturday tak
Ghar de wait teri khattke
Ni aaj phir kitthe
Aaj phir kitthe
Aaj phir kitthe challi ae
Morni banke, morni banke
(balle balle, balle balle…)Jadon nachdi kudi tu badi hot lagdi (ahaa!)
Uff husna di rani by God lagdi (oho!)
Jadon nachdi kudi tu badi hot lagdi
Uff husna di rani by God lagdiJadon kole aake kardi ae smile kudiye
Kisey shayar da viral jeha thought lagdi
Lakk nu ainna lean karaake
Tight waali jean chadha ke
Ho gaye ne sab jhalle

Ni aaj phir kitthe
Aaj phir kitthe
Aaj phir kitthe challi aein
Morni banke, morni banke

Lagda tu hi hatt ke soneya
Dil tu lai gaya kadh ke soneya
Aayi tere layi sajj dhajj ke
Ni aaj phir kitthe
Aaj phir kitthe
Aaj phir kitthe challi aein
Morni banke, morni banke

In Hindi :-

कैटवाक वाली बेबी है तेरी चाल, बैकलेस सूट विच लगदी कमाल

ओ कित्थे चली जांदी ऐ ….(अहा)….
ओ कित्थे चली जांदी ऐ…. (ओहो)
तेन्नु पूछना है इक्को ही सवाल, 
ओह दस् दे कवारी आ
या किसी दे तू नाल क्यों दूरों दूरों जानी ऐ (अहा)
जान कद्द जानी ऐ (ओह!)
ऐने वी नखरे तू कर न सोनिये, ऐने वी नखरे तू कर न सोनिये,
दिल मेरा तेरे लायी धड़के 
नी आज फिर कित्थे
आज फिर कित्थे
आज फिर कित्थे चल्ली अं, मोरनी बनके, मोरनी बनके!
आज फिर कित्थे चल्ली अं, मोरनी बनके, मोरनी बनके!
संडे तों लैके सैटरडे तक, संडे तों लैके सैटरडे तक
घर दे वेट तेरी खटके
नी आज फिर कित्थे
आज फिर कित्थे
आज फिर कित्थे चल्ली अं, मोरनी बनके, मोरनी बनके!
(बल्ले बल्ले, बल्ले बल्ले…..)
जदों नचदी कुड़ी तू बड़ी हॉट लगदी (अहा)
उफ़ हुस्ना दी रानी बाय गॉड लगदी (ओहो)
जदों नचदी कुड़ी तू बड़ी हॉट लगदी 
उफ़ हुस्ना दी रानी बाय गॉड लगदी 
जदों कोले आके करदी ऐ स्माइल कुड़िये
किसी शायर डा वायरल जेहा थॉट लगदी
लक्क नू ऐन्ना लीन कराके
टाइट वाली जीन चढ़ा के
हो गए ने सब झल्ले
नी आज फिर कित्थे
आज फिर कित्थे
आज फिर कित्थे चल्ली अं, मोरनी बनके, मोरनी बनके!
लगदा तू ही हट के सोनेया, दिल तू ले गया कढ़ के सोनेया
आयी तेरे लई सज्ज धज्ज के 
नी आज फिर कित्थे
आज फिर कित्थे
आज फिर कित्थे चल्ली अं, मोरनी बनके, मोरनी बनके!
तेरी और मैं चल्ली आ, मोरनी बनके, मोरनी बनके!
तेरी और मैं चल्ली आ, मोरनी बनके, मोरनी बनके!
मैं ऐवें चल्ली आ, मोरनी बनके ….हाहाहाहा

Biography of Sanjeev Kumar

Biography of Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar was known as the most versatile actor of Bollywood. He was the only actor who did different non glamorous roles and many roles beyond his age. His notable acting in many films was greatly appreciated by the audience. He did approx 50 movies in his career and most of his films was blockbuster hit. he was awarded by many awards and got two times national film award for his super hit movies named DASTAK and KOSHISH. His versatility in roles made him different from other actors and is always well remembered.

Early Life: Sanjeev Kumar was born as Harihar Jariwala on 9th July 1938 in Surat, Gujarat. He was from the Gujarati family. He had two younger brothers and one sister. He lost his father at very young age and had to move to Mumbai with his mother and three siblings. He was always attracted towards acting. His craziness about acting could be seen at his student age also. He was seen in many stage shows.

Career: Sanjeev kumar was started his career through stage shows first. He did a stage show in which he played the role of 75 years old person. He joined then Filmalaya acting school and got his first offer through Hum Hindustani where he played a small role in 1960. Then he acted in Nishan as a hero in 1965. He was noticed and appreciated through his film with the famous actor Dilip Kumar in 1968 name Sangharsh. After that he got many offers and he did many superhit films like dastak in 1971 and he got national award for this movie. His movie Koshish (1973) was also, made his career fast and got many award as a best actor for this film. He played the deaf and dumb person role against jaya bahaduri.


His amazing acting was greatly appreciated by audience and this movie really proved remarkable move in his career. He played other remarkable role in Blockbuster superhit movie named Sholay the (1975) in which he played the role of 60 years old person named Thakur even he was only 35 years old. This type of such extraordinary roles made Sanjeev kumar a great hero. He chose those roles that was not acceptable by other actors as it could affect their image. Sanjeev Kumar gave back to back many hit films and won many awards in his career. He did not only hindi movies but he also did many telugu and tamil movies. His some of the best movies were Aandhi , Vidhata, Trishul, Sholey, Koshish, Anubhav, Khilona, Dastak, Shatranj ke khiladi, Pati patni or woh, Angoor, Namkeen, Mausam, seeta or geeta etc. His comedy in many pictures also appreciated by people. However he was always look in sensitive and serious roles.

Personal Life: Sanjeev Kumar always remained singe in his life. He had greatly attached by actress Hema Malini and he had proposed her but she refused and marry to actor Dharmendra. later Sanjeev kumar was involved with actress sulakshana pandit but sanjeev refused to marry her and she decided that she would never marry anyone.

Death: Kumar was affected with massive heart attack on 6th November 1985. He had played more elderly age roles but he survived only for 47 years. He was really a very good actor who had done most different character roles. because of his outstanding acting and different roles he was always remembered. His nick name was Haribhai but his most fans called him Thakur because of his role as Thakur in his superhit movie Sholay. May god always peace his soul!

BioGraphy of Inder Kumar – Passed Away With Heart Attack

Indian Film City is quite huge with the numerous celebrities and talents who are continuously working too hard to entertain the general audience through their acting, dancing and dialogues mimicry. Here we will talk about the renowned Bollywood actor Mr. Inder Kumar who just passed away with the heart attack.

Personal Life:

Inder Kumar has started his career in modeling. He was born on 26th August 1973 in Jaipur, Rajasthan and played several supporting roles with popular actors. Salman Khan was his Favourite Hero. In fact, he was known as his brother in India Cinema. There is no much information about his parents. his mother was Bhava Saraf. His real name was Inder Saraf which he changed to Inder Kumar to enter into Film Industries.


He started his career from the year 1996 onwards. This well-known actor was in a relationship with 4 ladies. Earlier, he was having the relationship with favorite Bollywood Actress Isha Kopikar with whom he was engaged but relation did not last well. He was married to Sonal Karia, daughter of Rajoo Karia, Film Publicist. From her, he has a daughter named Khushi (Bhavna Saraf). But the marriage not went well and they got divorced after 5 months only in 2003. Then in 2009, he married to a common girl named Kamaljeet Kaur. They got divorced after 2 months only. After that, he married to Pallavi Saraf.

He was very keen of body building. He got the Movie roles due to his personality. His height was 6’1”. As he worked with many films with Salman Khan, he became close to his family.

Movies & TV Shows:-

With starting his career in 1996, he played various roles as a lead role or supporting hero in many of the Indian movies. He was starred in approx 20 movies. The list of the movies are Chhoti si Guzarish (2017), Yeh Dooriyan (2011), Wanted, Paying Guests (2009), Aryan – Unbreakable (2006), Agnipath (2005), Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge, Kaboo, Ma Tujhe Salaam, Hathyar: face to face with reality, Maseeha (2002), To fall in Love, Gaja Gamini, Baaghi, Love Junction, Kunwara, Kahin Pyar Na Ho Ja (2000), Sajna Hai Mujhe, Meri Beri Ke (2003), Surma Surma,


Ek Our Prem Kahani (2004), Dand-Nayak , Tirchhi Topiwale (1998), Ek The Dil Ek The Dhadkan, Ghoonhat (1997), Massom , Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi (1996). His movie Wanted was box office hit. Apart from the movies, he also appeared in the TV Serial “Fear Files” in 2013 and also play a role of “Mihir Virani” in Star Plus Show “Kyunki Says Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” casted by Ekta Kapoor. He also played some roles in Bengali Film Industry. Inder Kumar last appeared in a film titled Who Is The First Wife Of My Father, which is still waiting for a release.


Inder Kumar was caught under many controversies during his film career. He was known to having affair with Isha Kopikar. In 2014, h was accused of rape & Assault which was registered by an upcoming model in Versova Police Station. Earlier, his wife also complained about him having an extra marital fear which was resolved by the cop at the same time. According to medical reports, it was found that the girl was raped and assaulted by him but he denies the fact. He stated that he was in a relationship with her. He was arrested on these charges and got bail in the same year. His wife Pallavi Saraf also supported him during that rape controversy.


He died at the very young age i.e. 44. he died with immense heart Attack in his own house located in Andheri, Mumbai on 28-07-2017 in the early morning due to cardiac arrest. His body was cremated in the evening on the same day at Yaari Road Shamshaan Bhoomi. At the time of his death, he was working for the movie “Phati Paid hai Yaar”. May God peace his soul!!

Biography of First Female Superstar Sri Devi Kapoor

Sridevi Kapoor is a Bollywood actress who has earned the name of first female superstar of Indian Cinema. She has worked in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada movies. She started acting at the age of four and made her first debut film in the early eighties. She started her career as a child artist from Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam movies. She has done so many hit movies in her career and she had more than 300 movies in her career. Let’s talk about the life history of Sridevi Kapoor:

Early life:


Sri Devi’s birth name was Shree Amma Yangar Ayappan. She was born on 13th August 1963 in Sivasaki, Tamilnadu. Her father was Ayappan Yangar and mother’s name was Rajeshwari Yangar. Her father was a lawyer. She has one sister and two step brothers.

Film Career:

Sridevi has started her career at the age of 4 by the Tamil Movie Thunaivan in 1967 And after that, she has done many South movies as a child artist and won many awards. She has won Kerala state film award for best child artist for her Malayalam movie named Poompatta in 1971. She had done many Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films which gained her many awards and huge recognition.


However, she started her career in Hindi cinema in Solva Sawan in 1979. After four years She was seen in Himmatwala with Jeetendra which proved biggest blockbuster super hit movie of that year. It established her in Bollywood and earned huge recognition. Her dance number ” Naino me Sapna” was greatly appreciated by people. Her chemistry with Jeetendra was proved incredible. Both had done 14 films together in which 10 films were the blockbuster hit. In 1983 she also did Sadma with Kamal Hassan and her performance in this film was greatly appreciated and she had earned the first nomination of the Filmfare awards for best actress. She gave consecutive hit movies back to back. In 1986 she was seen in Snake fantasy movie named Nagina, which is really a big hit in her career. In that same year, she did many movies like Ghar Sansar, Karma, Aakhiri Rasta and Suhagan. In 1987 she has done Shekhar KApoor’s movie named Mr. India with Anil Kapoor. Her rain dance on Kante nhi kantte din ye rat was mesmerizing and she also gained a nickname” Hawa Hawai” after that film. In 1988 She has done hit movie named Waqt Ki awaaz with Mithun Chakravarty. She was also seen in many movies like sherni, Jawab Hum Denge, Aulad, Gair Kannooni, and Nigahein. She was also seen in Chalbaaz which was a low budget film and she played a double role of twin sister in this film and won her first Filmfare award. In next Year she was seen in Yash Chopra’ s movie named Chandni with Rishi Kapoor which earned huge applause. Her white costume in this movie was liked by many girls and it becomes a fashion at those times. Her dance on Song “mere Hathon me nau Nau chudiyan Hai” Was became the best wedding song. In 1991 she was also seen in Yash Chopra movie named ‘Lamhe’ with Anil Kapoor which was internationally hit movie and she earned her second Filmfare best actress award. She was also nominated for her performance in Gumrah. Again she was seen with Anil Kapoor in Ladla and she did negative role first time in this film and earned her another Filmfare Awards nomination. In 1997 She was seen in Judai and earned another Filmfare nomination. After that, she married Boney Kapoor and left the industry. In 1997 her mother died, however, the son has the right to lit the funeral pyre but Sridevi lit her mother’s pyre. After that, she was seen in many Tv Shows named Malini Iyer, Jeena Isi Ka Nam Hai etc. She was come back in the industry with English winglish in 2012, which was also appreciated by her fans however the film was average at box office.

Personal Life:


Sridevi has affair with Bollywood actor Mithun Chakravarty, however, it was a rumor of the marriage of both but it was not proved. Later Sridevi marries to the actor Anil Kapoor’s elder brother named Boney Kapoor on 2nd June 1996. Boney Kapoor divorced her first wife for Sridevi. Boney Kapoor and his first wife had two children named Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor. Sri Devi and Boney Kapoor has two daughters named Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor.


There was a controversy between two successful actresses of eighties Sri Devi and Jaya Prada. Both had many issues as they were rivals at that time. The media always highlighted their cold war. however, both were seen in Tohfa and maqsad. Rumors of marriage between Mithun Chakravarty and Sridevi was also spread.

Selected Films:

Himmatwala, Sadma, Justice Chaudhury (1983), Tohfa (1984), Karma, Nagina (1986), Mr. India (1987), Waqt Ki Awaz (1988), Chandni, Chaalbaaz (1989), Lamhe (1991), Khuda Gawah (1992), Gumrah (1993), Laadla (1994), Army (1996), Judaai (1997), English Vinglish (2012)

Sridevi Kapoor is really best female superstar of the Indian Industry. She did 100s movies in many languages.She was also offered Hollywood movie Jurassic Park, but she refused to do so.She was the only heroine who was 25 times paired with actor Kamal Hassan. Her Chemistry with Jeetendra and Anil Kapoor was greatly appreciated by her fans. She did almost every kind of roles. She really gave life to the roles. Her acting skill was tremendous and her looks in every movie are stunning. She is really a most good looking actress in Indian cinema. She was not a trained dancer but her dance was always appreciated. Her lovely song of Chandni became the best wedding song. She couldn’t speak Hindi when she entered in Hindi cinema and many films were dubbed at initial times. Really she is the most adorable actress. Her fans always waited for her movie. Let see can we see her again in any film.

Biography of The Most Amazing Actress Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit is the most beautiful and talented actress. She has always been praised for her work in Hindi cinema. She is an amazing dancer too. Her fan following is incredible. She did much struggle to get this position. She is also an India’s fourth highest civilian award Padam Sri holder at 2008 by a government of India. Let’s talk about her life and career:

Early Life:

Madhuri Dixit was born on 15Th May 1967 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She was born in the marathi Brahmin family. Her parents Shankar Dixit and Snehlata Dixit always supported her for her career. She has one brother named Ajit Dixit and two sisters named Rupa and Bharati. She had done her schooling from Divine High school and did Microbiology from Mumbai University. She practiced the Kathak dance since the age of three. She is very fond of dancing. She also loves reading.

Film Career: Madhuri Dixit started her career from modelling. She got her first chance from the Rajshri production movie named Abodh in 1984. But it was not well succeed. She also did many consecutive flopped movies named Awara Baap, Mohre, Swati, Hifazat, Uttar Dakshin and manav Hatya. In 1988 She also did two movies named Dayawan and Khatron ke khiladi , but it was not successful commercially. After so many flopped movies she didn’t lose her heart and start her hardwork. Finally she got huge recognition from the movie named Tejab in 1988 opposite Anil Kapoor. In which she played the role of Mohini. The song of this movie Ek Do Teen was blockbuster hit. The film earned the highest grossing that year. She received her first nomination for filmfare award for best actress for this movie. In 1989 She did another movie with Anil Kapoor named Ram Lakhan which is other blockbuster hit in her career. She also did Tridev , prem pratigya and parinda in same year. She did many hit movies back to back. her pai with Anil Kapoor was very appreciated. In 1989 she did movie named Dil opposite Amir Khan which also a blockbuster hit movie. In 1992 she did Beta in which a song Dhak Dhak Karne Lga gave her a new name Dhak Dhak Girl. The film also super hit. She also appreciated for the biggest hit film Opposite Sanjay dutt and Jackie Shroff named Khalnayak. in which a dance on the song choli ke peeche kya hai was tremendous.


In next year she did HUM Apke Hai Kaun which became the highest earning movie after Sholay(1975). She was offered higher amount than the hero Salman Khan. The movie break all the records and earned 1.35 billion. In 1995 She was seen in RAJA movie with sanjay KApoor. It was also the highest gross earming movie. Later she did Prem Granth , Yarana with Rishi kapoor and Rajkumar movie which is below average movie. Later she came back with Mrityudand, which gaves her much appreciation. In 1997 she was seen in Dil to pagal hai with Shahrukh Khan and Karishma kapoor. The romantic love triangle film proved to be successful. later she did aarzoo and Wazood both was average hit film. She came back with anil kapoor with movie Pukar in 2000. In the same year she also worked in M.F. Hussain movie named Gaja Kamini. M.F. Hussain was really mesmerised by the beauty of Madhuri Dixit that he had seen her movies several times. He also painted her many pictures. he always said Madhuri is the most beautiful lady on the earth.

In 2001 she did Yeh Raste Hai Pyar Ke with Ajay Devgan and Lajja, which is average hits. In 2002 she was seen in Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam and Devdas proved blockbuster hit and she got award Of Filmfare award for best-supporting actress for this film. That also had said that she was pregnant during the movie Devdas and worn 30 Kg weighted lehnga in this movie for a song.

After that, she did a big break from her career and shifted to the USA with her family for a long period of time. She came back in Indian cinema with her movie named Aaja NAchle in 2007. In 2012 she did Dedh Iskiya with Arshad Warsi and NAsiruddin Shah and Gulab Gang with Juhi Chawla. She was also seen in an item song Haye re mera Ghaghra with Ranveer Kapoor in the movie named Yeh jawani hai Deewani.

She did not end her career at this age. She is continuously working for many years. She did many TV shows in which she played as a dance Judge named Nach baliye (Star Plus) and Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

Controversies: She was in controversy for the affair with the actor named Sanjay Dutt for a long time. However, he married to richa Sharma but their relationship is not ended after his marriage. After the arrest of Sanjay Dutt in a case in 1993, she ended up her relationship with him. A rumor of affairs between Madhuri and Anil kapoor was also in controversy. Her kiss with Vinod Khanna in movie Dayawan who is 20 years older than her was also much criticized. A legall action was also done against her for promoting Maggie when the maggie was banned by the Food department of India.

Personal Life: However she was deeply attached with Sanjay Dutt but their relation ship ended in the year 1993. She met with Dr. Sriram Madhav Nene through her brother. Sriram Nene worked as a cardiovascular surgeon in California, USA. They both married on 17th October 1999. The couple has two sons Named Rayan Nene and Arin Nene. She moved to the USA after her marriage and returned to India with her family in 2011.


Madhuri Dixit Nene has always been an excellent dancer and she is always practicing dance. She also started an online dance academy ” Dance with Madhuri” through which her fans can learn dance movement with her.

She is the only Bollywood actress till date who have been nominated 13 times for FiImfare Award for best actress. She is always appreciated for her work whether in movies or in TV dancing shows. She is also considered by her nicknames like Dhak Dhak Girl and Bubbly. Her smiling face is always loved by her fans. She keeps her so fit that no body can easily believe that she is approx. 50 years age. Really She is an amazing actress of Bollywood.

Her Famous dance on songs: Dhak Dhak Karne laga(Beta), Choli Ke peeche kya hai (KHalnayak), Ek Do Teen (tejaab), Humko AAj kal HAi(Sailab), Bada Dukh Deena(ram Lakhan), Chane Ke Khet Me (Anjam), Mera piya ghr aaya( YArana), Akhiyan Milau(RAja), Didi tera devar Deewana( Hum Aapke Hai Akun), Key Sera Sera with prabhu Deva(pukar), Badi Mushkil baba Bdi Mushkil(LAjja), Aaja nach le ( aaja Nach le), Maar Dala ( Devdas), Haye re mera ghaghra( Item song of Yeh jawani hai deewani).All was her famous song and most of the songs choreographed by Saroj Khan.