Confidence Man: Major Donald Trump revelations from the new book

The eagerly awaited Confidence Man by New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman, out on Tuesday, contains these shocking specifics in addition to many others.

From his days as a businessman in New York to his post-presidential life, Mr. Trump is followed in this book. More than 200 sources were interviewed for this report, including former aides and Mr. Trump himself three times.


The former president criticized Haberman, claiming that the book contains “many made-up stories with zero fact-checking” on his social media platform.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, both senior White House aides, were on the verge of resigning during a meeting with then-Chief of Staff John Kelly and then-White House counsel Don McGahn, according to Haberman.


Mr. Kelly intervened and told him not to send the tweet until he had spoken with Ivanka and Mr. Kushner. They both remained White House aides until the end of Mr. Trump’s presidency, but they never had a conversation with each other.

Additionally, the book reveals that Mr. Trump frequently denigrated his son-in-law, saying once that Jared Kushner “sounds like a child” after hearing him deliver a speech in public in 2017.


According to Haberman, Mr. Trump repeatedly brought up the idea of bombing Mexican drug labs, which astounded former US Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

The concept came from a discussion Mr. Trump had with Brett Giroir, an admiral in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and a public health officer.



  • What is the name of the Journalist?

Ans. Maggie Haberman

  • When ared Kushner delivers the speech?

Ans. 2017 

  • Who is the former US Defense Secretary?

Ans. Mark Esper

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