Satellite connectivity will be natively supported in Android 14

These days, firms other than T-Mobile and SpaceX are also considering phones and satellites. It appears that Google is joining the competition by including support for satellite connectivity in smartphones in its upcoming Android 14. Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Google’s Platforms and Ecosystems, provided an update on that this morning, describing how “it was challenging to get 3G+Wifi to operate” on the first Android phone of 2018.


About the partnership between SpaceX and T-Mobile, the executive claimed that the Mountain View corporation will “help its partners in enabling all of this.” Users of the operator will soon have access to the internet signal delivered by antennas mounted on Starlink satellites in the US.


According to Lockheimer, surfing the internet via this form of connection will be different from doing it via 4G LTE or the newest 5G networks in terms of speed and response times, among other things. Initially, satellites should only offer cell phones 2-Mbps to 4-Mbps of bandwidth.



Elon Musk added that the satellite connection “might allow one to two thousand simultaneous voice calls or hundreds of thousands of texts that could be transferred depending on the length of the texts” due to the available bandwidth.


It’s crucial to understand that the satellite connection on cellphones is primarily utilized in emergencies and to minimize dead spots already present. Text messaging, MMS, and even some messaging apps will be supported by T-Mobile. The carrier added that to ensure that message traffic is kept separate from other traffic, it must collaborate with partners.


1- Has android 14 been released?

Ans – Not yet


2— When will Android 14 be released?

Ans- after may 2023 test builds of Android 14 will begin to be released.


3– Does it have a satellite connection also?

Ans – Yes, Elon musk said so.

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