How to Get Likes & Followers on Instagram [WORK100%]?

Answer to how to get Likes and Followers on Instagram (IG) is very easy, just follow the below told steps and get as many as likes and followers you want.

People consider likes and followers on Instagram important so that many are looking for ways to multiply those two things.

Please note, before using the service sites like and followers you should first check whether the site or website is safe to use or not.

Because if carelessly using the site can have a dangerous impact on our Instagram account, such as hacked, misused, follow other accounts by itself, and so on.

How to Get Likes and Followers on Instagram?

Here’s how to get followers and likes on Instagram safely and completely without an application and also using the application.

Use the Auto Like & Follow Site

This site is free like and follow service provider and is certainly safe to use.

  • Open a Browser (Example: Chrome, Browser) Then visit the Bekasi Follower website, then click the Enter button and Join Now.
  • Then open your Instagram, it will appear as shown below, press the This Is Me (bottom) button.
  • Then go back to the browser or the site that followed the followers before, then press the login button again.
  • After entering some options can be used. Insert Followers + to add followers, and Likes + to add likes to our posts.
  • Select which posts will be added to the post, then click the Likes + button, then wait for a moment until the notification Success appears!
  • You can repeat the method above to get more likes.

In addition to the above methods, you can also use natural methods like the one below to add likes and Instagram followers.

Add hashtags or hashtags to posts

You can add hashtags in posts, many hashtags can be used like #lfl #likeforlike, the purpose is to like each other through the hashtag.

So, people will arrive by liking each other

This is certainly troublesome where we are working together to interconnect with Instagram status.

You can also add hashtags that suit the atmosphere of what you post, for example, if you are in the mountains you can add hashtags related to mountains, for example, #gunung #toba #everest and others

The maximum number of hashtags that can be used is 30, use your best not to spam, if it is considered spam the Instagram party can punish your Instagram account.

Interact with Others on Instagram

Expand to hang out in the real world or Instagram or online friends, with the increase of friends, your friends also want to like and follow you.

If you are an interesting person, then fans who are interested in you will naturally follow and like all your posts.

Upload Posts at the Right Time

Of course, you might think, where do you like it at 3 in the morning? yes, maybe there is, but not as much time during the day and night where everyone is doing normal activities.

Post at the right time, once a day, once an hour, not too much. It will only make people who see your posts disturbed and will only block you.

Take a photo with an Artist or Famous Person

By taking pictures with artists, presidents, soccer players, professional gamers, you will most likely be able to add to your posts.

Because it is a misfortune if you ever take pictures with the role models that we idolize

Tag as Many Friends on Instagram

When tagging friends on Instagram, our posts will also appear in their timeline or chronology, so that our posts will be more widely seen and will add likes to the posts.

Edit Photos as Interesting as Possible

Editing photos can make photos look more interesting than they were before they were edited, with interesting and cool colors that will provoke people to like your posts.

Upload on Instastory

Sometimes people prefer opening the initiatory first rather than scrolling in the timeline.

Add photos of your posts on the initiatory so that it will make others curious. Then wait for likes to arrive.

Create a Quality Post

The last one, of course! People like quality posts, interesting content that can impress them.

How do you make a quality post? Look for ideas that can make the quality of your posts. Show your true self!

After making a quality post, just wait for the likes that come in constantly.

The final word

That’s a collection of tips for adding likes and followers; you can use all of the methods one by one. If you are in a hurry and want to get followers in no time, then you will have to choose a trusted service provider to buy real Instagram followers and get them in no time. Increasing your followers and likes organically demands much hard work and patience.

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