Biography of the Former CM J.Jayalaitha Called As Amma

Biography of the Former CM J.Jayalaitha

Biography of the Former CM J.Jayalaitha Called As Amma. There are only few women in this male domination world get success in her career. from the beginning of the earth emerges women are always dominated by the men because a woman is very weak in psychical strength as well as mental strength. Hence, women stay in the kitchen for many years without knowing anything happen around her. Very few women overcome these kinds of rules and regulations and break the boundaries build in front the women. In this article, we will see the biography of the women who broke the boundaries build by this male domination society and rules the Tamilnadu as lion rules the forest named as MS J. Jayalitha but people of the Tamilnadu called her Amma from the bottom of their hearts.

There are only a few women in this male domination world get success in her career. From the beginning of the earth emerges women are always dominated by the men because a woman is very weak in psychical strength as well as mental strength. Hence, women stay in the kitchen for many years without knowing anything happen around her. Very few women overcome these kinds of rules and regulations and break the boundaries build in front the women. In this article, we will see the biography of the women who broke the boundaries build by this male domination society and ruled the Tamil Nadu as a lion ruled the forest named as MS.J. Jaya litha but people of the Tamil Nadu called her Amma from the bottom of their hearts.

The Early life of the Amma:

Jayalalitha was born on 24 February 1948 in Mysore to the couple Jayaram and Vedavalliin a Tamil Brahmin family. She was given her grandmother’s name komalavalli at the time of birth. The name Jayalalitha was adopted at the age of one for the purpose of use in the schools and colleges. She had an elder brother named as Jayakumar. She called as Ammu by her parents,relatives, and friends. Her father was a lawyer but died when she was two years old. In order to run the family, her mother worked as a clerk and later started acting in the film with the screen name of Sandhya. She studied her primary education in the Bishop Cotton girl’s school in Bangalore. Later, she moved to madras for live with her mother and completed her education at sacred heart matriculation school popularly known as church park convent. She excelled at education and got many scholarships from the government further pursue her education.Moreover, she got the first rank in her tenth standard board exam in the state of Tamil Nadu.She was fluent in several languages that include Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and English. She got an offer to study at the Stella Maris College.

Film career of the Jayalalitha:

After Jayalalitha moved to Chennai, she was trained in Carnatic music and western classical piano. Moreover, she also trained in various forms of the dance such as bharatanatyam, mohiniyattam, and Manipuri kathak. She became an excellent dancer in all forms dance and made her first debut dance performance at the Rasika Ranjani Sabha at May 1960 in Mylapore. Shivaji Ganesan was the chief guest for that arangetram. He is the first one expresses that Jayalalitha becomes a famous film star in the future. Afterward, the schoolchild Jayalalitha began acting in some plays of the Parthasarathy along with her mother and aunt. Jayalalitha acted a small role in the English play Tea Houses of August Moon. The Indian former president V.V. Giri son impressed with her acting and asked her mother that he wanted to cast her daughter in an English film called The Epistie. The Kannada filmmaker B.R. Panthulu saw Jayalalitha with her mother film party and decided to cast her in the Kannada movie opposite to the Kalayankumar. After acted in the Kannada movie, Jayalalitha forgets about all her films. She started to attend the classes in the Stella Maris College as she has the ambition to become a lawyer.  However, the Kannada debut film became a blockbuster hit and Jayalalitha became a known face.

Meanwhile, she acted in the Parthasarathy plays such as Malathi, the whole truth, and the dance drama Kaveri Thanda Kalaiselvi. She began her film career as the leading an actress in the Kannada industry at the age of fifteen. In April 1960, she made her debut in the Tamil theatre played as a sales girl in the undersecretary drama. The play was based on the lives of the middle aged couple where Parthasarthy and Sandhya were the lead characters, while Jayalalitha and Cho Ramaswamy were paired together. Because of his excellent performance, parathasarathy made her act as an actress in his plays. In 1964, her film Chinnada Gombe and Manushulu Mamathalu became blockbusters that made her become popular among film producers and directors. C. V. Sridhar approached Jayalalitha for her Tamil debut film. In the few years, she became one of the busiest actresses. In that time, her mother advised her to make use of the increasing film offers. The film Vennira Aadai is the first Tamil debut film for the Jayalalitha.

Queen of the film industry:

Jayalalitha made her Telugu debut film in Manushulu Mamathalu opposite Akkineni Nageshwara Rao as a lead an actress. Moreover, she was the first heroine in the Tamil cinema industry appeared in the skirt. Even, she also acted in one Hindi film called as Lzzat. In addition, she starred in twenty-eight box office hit films with M.G. Ramachandran. For the first time her name was affixed with the phrase kavarchi kanni in the opening credit of the movie Arasa Katalai. She paired almost with all the top heroes in all the film industry likes Jaishankar, M.G.R, and Shivaji Ganesan, N.T Rama Rao etc. she got the national film award for best feature film in Tamil for the film pattikada pattanama and acted against the legend Shivaji Ganesan. Moreover, she also won many film fare awards, state awards and national awards. She wrote her own life experience in a serialized memoir in the kumudam (Tamil weekly magazine). In 1980, she decided to quit off from the film industry and refused the offer act as heroine in the film Billa against Rajinikanth.

Political career of the Jayalalitha:

After quitting her career from the film industry, she came into the political industry because of the M.G. Ramachandran. M.G.R forced Jayalalitha come to the politics but not a violent way. Hence, the chief minister of the Tamil Nadu M.G Ramachandran introduces Jayalalitha to politics in 1977. She joined the AIADMK party in 1982 that founded by the M.G. Ramachandran. She delivered her public speech pennin perumai in the AIDMK political conference. By the next year, she became the propaganda secretary of the party. In addition, she selected as the candidate for the Tiruchendur by-election. M.G Ramachandran wanted Jayalalitha to be a member of the Rajya Sabah because of her fluency in the English language. She became more popular among the highest-ranking members of the party soon and got success in all her role.

Because of some drift between the MGR and Jayalalitha, the party members influenced MGR to force her to stop writing about her in the Tamil weekly magazine. The chief minister of the state MGR died due to a stroke in 1984. Party members said that Jayalitha attempted to get the place of the chief minister and the party after the death of MGR. Then the party split into two halves one followed by the MGR wife Janaki and another one by Jayalalitha. Hence, Janaki selected as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu with the support of ninety-six members in 1988. However, Rajiv Gandhi used the article three hundred and fifty-six of the Indian assembly in order to dismiss the Janaki-led government and brought the president rule in the state.

The opposition of the Jayalalitha after 1989:

In 1989, she elected as the candidate for the election in the Bodinayakkanur based on the MGR’s political heir. In this election, everyone saw the real face of the Jayalalitha and she won the twenty-seven seats in the election. Moreover, she became the first woman to be elected as the leader of the opposition. The two division of the party merged and accepted the Jayalalitha as the leader in February 1989. Moreover, they restore the two leaves symbol for the party. She faced many problems and shameful moments in her political life. There are two incidents that represent these two things. They are.

  1. In the funereal march of the MGR, Jayalalitha pulled off from the army vehicle three times by the MGR relatives. That women stand behind the head of the MGR for three days in the Rajaji Hall. However, she had no rights for entering into the army vehicle.
  2. The next incident happened in the assembly on 25 March 1989. There was violence among the opposite party DMK and the ADMK party in front of the assembly speaker and the chief minister Karunanidhi. Jayalalitha brutally attacked by the opposite party and left the assembly with her torn saree drawing parallel in the floor like Draupadi in the epic Mahabharata.

After that incident, she left the home and promised herself not to enter the home until she became the chief minister. Because of this incident, she got more media support and gained sympathy from the public. This made her win the election conducted in 1989 allied with the congress party.

First female and youngest chief minister:

The assassination of the Rajiv Gandhi before the elections made her alliance with the Indian national congress party that enabled her to ride the wave of the sympathy in order to get the victory. In 1991 election, the ADMK party under the Jayalalitha leadership alliance with the congress won two hundred and twenty-five seats among the two hundred and thirty-four seats. Moreover, they won thirty-nine seats in the center of the state. Then, Jayalalitha became the first female and youngest chief minister of the Tamil Nadu. However, she lost her power in the 1996 election just won four seats among the one hundred and sixty-four. The wedding event of her foster son Sudhakaran married a granddaughter of the Tamil film actor Shivaji Ganesan in 1995 at Chennai The event holds two Guinness World Records i.e. one is for the most guests at a wedding and the other is for being the largest wedding banquet. This made her enter into the big problem. Afterward, she elected as the chief minister in the elections held in 2001, 2011, 2014, and 2016.

 Went jail for the assets case in 2014:

The chief minister Jayalalitha sentenced to the jail for four years and fined hundred corers because of the assets case filed on her. She was prisoner and automatically disqualified from the CM post and Panner Selvam elected as the CM. she was the first Indian chief minister to be disqualified. In October 2014, the Supreme Court granted her two months’ bail and suspended her sentence. In 2015, she released from the jail and become the CM for the fifth time. She became the first leader in Tamil Nadu to serve consecutive terms as Chief Minister since the death of MGR in 1987.

Best schemes by Amma:

She introduced many schemes like cradle baby scheme for the women and girl child in order to increase the girl’s child rate. Moreover, her government was the first to introduce police stations operated solely by women. She introduced thirty percentages quota for women in all police jobs. She introduced the many wonderful schemes like rainwater harvesting, pregnancy gift set and money, family first-degree holder scholarships, thali sovereign for poor women, amma medical shop, amma water, amma hotel, amma cement, and even more. She also extended the maternity period for the women. She also did many things for the farmers and the problem of Kaveri dam. She is the only women make the state Tamil Nadu to stand in this position.

The death of the Jayalalitha:

No one in the India, especially Tamil Nadu people expect that amma died at the age of 68. On 22 September 2016, Jayalalitha admitted in the Apollo hospital, Chennai as she suffered from dehydration. Hence, her official duties submitted to the Panner Selvam. She is in the hospital for more than seventy-three days. As Apollo doctor said that, she had many problems and we went on the medical treatment for her without releasing the photo and audio speech of her. Doctors from the London were also come and gave treatment for her. However, Apollo officially announced she died due to stroke on 5 December 2016. Her body was kept at her residence in Poes Garden and Rajaji Hall. Jayalalitha last rites performed on the evening of 6 December. She interred in the northern end of the Marina Beach in sandalwood casket, near the grave of her mentor M.G. Ramachandran.