New country governors will tackle corruption

There are almost 47 counties in the constitution of Kenya. The new governors were elected there. The interesting part is that almost 30 of them are first-timers on the job without having much experience. 

By 2010, Kenya had promulgated a new constitution and it demarcated the nation into 47 devolves. These units are run by the country’s government-headed governors. Most of them were new, and they hit the ground running when they were sworn in on the 25th of August. People are hoping that they will give strong directives, especially on the anti-corruption and cost-cutting agendas. 

Some of the discoveries found that they have made since taking over seem to lend credence to a suspicion harbored. Most of the corruption was simply devolved to the countries after Kenya had moved away from a centralized system of government. 

Let’s take an example. The governor of Kissi, Simba Arati, revealed that the nation had only 82 vehicles and an estimated 256 drivers on its payroll. Many of them even did not have valid driving licenses. 

On September 3rd, Mr. Arati told Citizen TV that there were about 861 individuals on his payroll whose job descriptions were not clear yet. And he is not alone, other governors are also ordering the financial audit and staff headcounts. 

Wavinya Ndeti of Machakos, another governor, revealed that some government vehicles don’t even have number plates and yet the budget has been set aside just for the transport department. 


  • When did the election take place in Kenya?

Ans. 9th August 

  • How many countries makeup Kenya?

Ans. 47 countries 

  • When did the new constitution demarcate the country?

Ans. 2010

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