According to a report: India’s telcos are set to spend $19.5 billion on 5G infrastructure by 2025

The telecom carriers of India are expected to invest about $19.5 billion in the development of advanced infrastructure for 5G by 2025. The reports show that 5G will benefit the Indian economy by $455 billion between 2023 and 2040. It is more than 0.6% of the GDP forecast for 2040. Let us tell you that the benefit is about 0.6% of the GDP forecast for 2040 and reflects the large number of 5G use cases that could be implemented in the main sectors of India’s economy. 

The finding shows that the 5G benefits are expected to be realized in the new applications in the manufacturing sector as well as the retail, ICT, and agricultural sectors. The Indian government also assigned two carriers of 250 MHz each in the E-band to address the current need, which supports the 5G rollout. It may not be enough in the 5G era given the requirement for high capacity and also increased data traffic. 

The report also said that clear policy guidelines on the allocation of the backhaul spectrum are necessary. 5G will be a key to enabling the enterprise digital transformation process across manufacturing, energy, utilities, banking, transportation, healthcare, and retail in the country. Both the consumer and the enterprise segment present significant opportunities for 5G services in India. 


  • How much money are the telcos ready to spend on 5G infrastructure by 2025?

Ans. $19.5 

  • What will benefit the Indian economy from 5G?

Ans. $455 billion 

  • Does 5G bring new changes to lease communication?

Ans. Of course, it will 

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