Russian hawks cheer lethal retaliation after Crimea setback during the Ukraine war

Russia brutally retaliated for the attack on the Crimean bridge this morning by launching a hail of indiscriminate missile fire across Ukraine.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was in response to an “act of terrorism” that Ukraine was responsible for.

But it was also Mr. Putin’s response to the hawks in his own camp, who have been growing more vocal and agitated as a result of Russian losses in the conflict.

Those pro-Kremlin officials and TV hosts who were depressed and dejected just a few days ago are now applauding this attack on their neighbor, gloating, and even dancing in social media posts as Ukraine mourns for its dead and sorts through the debris of multiple attacks.

It was Gen. Sergei Surovikin’s first day of work when the missile barrage began.

His appointment this weekend as head of Russia’s war effort was a concession to hardliners by Mr. Putin.

The general was already regarded as brutal due to his resume, which included the indiscriminate Russian bombardment of Syria and the deaths of pro-democracy protesters in Moscow in 1991 during the attempted coup.

His reputation was true this morning.

Russian dismay over the war’s development reached a peak after the attack on the Crimean bridge on Saturday.

The illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014, a symbol of Russia’s claim to Ukraine, had gone up in flames, and the hardliners were calling for retaliation with the loudest voices in this conflict.

They had been advocating for attacks on civilian infrastructure for a while, saying that if their soldiers couldn’t be defeated on the battlefield, they should freeze the Ukrainian people into submission this winter.

Propagandist Vladimir Solovyov asked when we would actually start fighting, claiming it was better for Russia to be feared than laughed at.



  • Where does the attack take place?

Ans. Crimean bridge 

  • What were the words of the President of Russia?

Ans. It was an act of terrorism, and Ukraine is responsible for it. 

  • When did the illegal annexation of Crimea take place?

Ans. 2014

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