Rare anti-President Xi protest in China before the party congress

Days ahead of the historic Communist Party congress, Beijing has witnessed a rare protest against President Xi Jinping and China’s COVID restrictions.

Two protest banners were visible on a bridge in the city’s northwest. The authorities appeared to have quickly put an end to the protest.

Before the congress, resentment has been growing in the capital.

Online rage has been expressed in large quantities in response to the Covid restrictions and strict security measures.

Authorities have restricted access to the city, keeping outbound deliveries, many travelers, and returning citizens. Others had their freedom of movement limited or had to stay in quarantine.

The protest was captured on camera and in pictures, showing two enormous banners spread out on a bridge in Beijing’s Haidian neighborhood.

The message on one was, “No Covid test, please. We want freedom, not limitations. No lying; we want respect. We want reform, not another Cultural Revolution. We want votes, not leaders. We can become citizens by ceasing to be slaves.

The other urged locals to “strike at work and school, and remove the dictator and national traitor Xi Jinping.”

Unidentified thick smoke plumes were visible on the bridge in video from the scene, and a man could be heard shouting messages into a loudspeaker.

There were no signs of it when a BBC team visited the scene later, but there was clearly police present.

About 2,300 top officials and party delegates will travel to the capital for the week-long 20th Party Congress, which is set to begin on Sunday.




  • Which is the historic Party of Beijing?

Ans. Communist Party congress


  • What was the message on the banners?

Ans. No Covid test 


  • How many top officials and party delegates will travel to the capital?

Ans. 2,300

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