Unacademy acquires Gate Academy as it launches 50 Youtube education channels

Gate Academy is acquired by the Edtech unicorn, Unacademy, but the amount is not disclosed by anyone. After the transaction part, the entire team of the Gate Academy will join the edtech firm. Umesh Dhande is the founder and director of the GATE Academy, and he will join the Unacademy in the position of vice President, ESE, GATE, and academics, the company said.

The edtech unicorn is launching about 50 new education channels and announced it on Monday. This is done to make education more accessible to millions of learners. The newly launched channels will help the unacademy with the new learning concepts like direct and indirect taxes but except the building on the existing categories.

The newly launched channels include IIT and JEE preparation, and NEET preparation channels, along with the IAS competitive test prep aspirants. These channels will also cover the other competitive examinations such as banking, staff selection, and defense as well. Each and every channel has the best educators, who provide curating and high-quality content for the learners.

Vivek Sinha’s words:


With the announcement of launching 50 unique channels, we are strengthening our commitment to democratizing education and presenting a strong content strategy for learners who are seeking knowledge in unique and exciting ways.

Vivek Sinha is the chief operator of the Unacademy, and he delivered the above speech on Monday. The company also said the academy will soon launch a platform that allows the learners to compete with each other and practice more.


  • Who is the chief operating officer of Unacademy?

Ans. Vivek Sinha

  • Who acquired Gate Academy?

Ans. Edtech unicorn

  • How many new Youtube channels have op

Ans. 50

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