The digital revolution in India offers investment opportunities for the US

On Wednesday, Nirmala Sitharaman said that the digital revolution provides investment opportunities for US companies and investors as well. The open network for digital commerce has brought a revolution to the retail and manufacturing sectors. She also stated the scope for collaboration in the digital sector between India and the US. 

She also said that the country was confident in handling the challenge of high inflation and its economic revival, driven by government reforms. The inflation rate of India remains above the central bank’s 2% to 6% tolerance band for several months. While consumer inflation was at 6.71% in July. 

These statements by Nirmala Sitharaman show that the country is making progress in digital e-commerce and it is good for the future of the country. Foreign investment will lead the nation to newer highs in the business field. 


  • Who is the finance minister of India?

Ans. Nirmala Sitharamana.

  • Which attracts US investors and collaborations?

Ans. Digital Commerce in India

  • What is the percentage of consumer inflation in July?

Ans. 6.71%

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