The Yankees Trade Slugger Gallo to The Dodgers

Prior to Tuesday’s trade deadline, the Dodgers announced that they had acquired Yankees outfielder Joey Gallo in exchange for right-hander Clayton Beeter, who was ranked as the organization’s No. 15 prospect by MLB Pipeline.

According to Dodgers President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman, he was valued a lot in the industry a year ago and moved for a lot. The genuine talent level is still there as we believe that bringing him here and putting him among our men has a lot going for it.

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To the Dodgers’ OF Gallo Joey

RHP Clayton Beeter, the No. 15 prospect for the Dodgers, goes to the Yankees.

The Dodgers entered the day wanting to complete a sensational deal for Juan Soto. President of baseball operations Andrew Friedman had to find a new target once Soto joined the rival Padres. Two-time All-Star Gallo has endured a terrible season with the Yankees, hitting 12 home runs and posting a.159 average.

The 28-year-old is renowned for his strength, but this season he hasn’t been able to use it. This season, his average exit velocity of 88.4 mph is the lowest it has been since the 2016 season, when he was only able to play in 17 games. The outfielder, who led the majors in strikeouts last season, is also renowned for his high rate of swings and misses.

Gallo has struck out 106 times in 233 at-bats this season, which has made it an even greater problem. His season-to-date strikeout percentage of 38.8% is among the lowest in the league. Gallo struck out 194 times over the course of his brief tenure with the Yankees (140 games).

The Dodgers are hopeful that a change of scenery can help Gallo, despite the slugger’s major problems over the past year, regain his previous form. Gallo was an All-Star with the Rangers and had 25 home runs with a.869 OPS before signing with the Yankees in July. He was an All-Star in 2019 and recorded.

What Makes Joy Gallo A Better Slugger

According to Friedman, I think, obviously, he has elite, off-the-charts power. He’s got really solid decision-making in the box and is a strong outfield defender who undoubtedly has some swing-and-miss in his repertoire. Our hitting guys are as excellent as it gets, in my opinion, just getting used to a new atmosphere.

Additionally, we have had a slight outfield shortage all season. Therefore, it also helps to include a highly skilled defensive outfielder. It will be intriguing to see how the Dodgers manage to provide Gallo with regular playing time.

Gallo and Trayce Thompson will alternate playing time in left field as Chris Taylor is still on the injured list. Gallo won’t play against southpaws despite hitting. 102 against lefties. 11 of his 12 home runs have come off pitchers, though.

When Taylor makes a comeback, Gallo’s position might suffer. The Dodgers could potentially assign Cody Bellinger to a platoon position and have Taylor or Thompson play more centre field. Once Taylor returns, James Outman, who has had a remarkable start to his career, might be the odd man out.

The Reason For The Dodgers’ Quiet At The Trade

But prior to that, the Dodgers dealt with their shortage of position players by dealing outfielder Jake Lamb to the Mariners in exchange for a player to be named later or cash.

Lamb hit two home runs and had an OPS of.770 in 25 games with the Dodgers this season. The Dodgers believe that the move is low-risk and high-reward given that Gallo will prove to be a free agent at the end of the current campaign.

He’ll play, and I’ll have to figure out how to divide up playing time for all of these guys. To kind of embrace this new opportunity, a fresh start, was all I asked of him. With Double-A Tulsa this year, Beeter, 23, has made 18 appearances, 16 starts and has a 5.75 ERA.


Did the Dodgers get Joey Gallo from the New York Yankees?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have got Joey Gallo in a trade as the left-handed slogger was previously playing for the New York Yankees.

What is Joey Gallo’s salary with the New York Yankees?

Joey Gallo, a veteran left-hander, is getting a 5.1 lakh USD salary from the New York Yankees.

Who did the Yankees trade for Joey Gallo?

Joey Gallo didn’t have a memorable season with the New York Yankees, and that’s why he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for right-hander Clayton Beeter.

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