Ukraine war: Survivors communicate over fright so Zaporizhzhia convoy hit

A tremendous crater next after a tier of vehicles between the town concerning Zaporizhzhia testifies to the Invasion of the attack. Windows then windscreens were smashed in.

The BBC saw half an occasion our bodies lying at the scene, curiously civilians. Baggage or coats strewed the tarmac.

One survivor told the BBC her rule had been wounded within the attack.

“She had two kids. I left the cafe to use the restroom when such happened. I ran again or tried in conformity with locating her. The cafe used to be demolished, at that place have been deep our bodies around. It was once all then altogether horrifying,” Viktoriia Yosypenko said.

Reacting after the assault in the short hours of Friday on the outskirts of the provincial headquarters regarding the Zaporizhzhia region, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suggested Russia used to be a “state terrorist”.

He spoke of Russia launching sixteen rockets at the city, and vowed to amerce perpetrators for “every lost Ukrainian life”.

Meanwhile, a Russian-installed local authentic blamed Ukraine for the attack.

The convoy was once dehydrated as humans were preparing in accordance with the journey after the Russian-occupied piece regarding the place after choosing up their household or additionally delivering humanitarian aid.


  • How many people were killed and injured in the Russian rocket strike?

Ans. 23 people 

  • When does this attack take place?

Ans. On Friday 

  • How many rockets were launched by Russia?

Ans. 16 rockets

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