Big Happiness Lies in Small Things

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Child life is better than anyone’s life as they have no tensions, no stress, no fear and nothing negative in their mind. In this world, nothing can be pure like a child heart. Here I am talking about my niece who is just one and half year old. Her real name is divyaanka and we used to call her by Gudda or Chakshu. She is so sweet adorable, naughty and of course, a very angry girl. But I really love her.

She recently lost her father in an accident which is an extremely painful moment of our life and of course, for her life even. She must not be aware of what is accident and where is her father. But I know, she is missing her father and she felt upset many times when she is not able to see her father’s face.
Here I am not trying to describe her pain ….I just wanna highlight how can she be happy with such a small gift ever…

I brought a small Ice-king toy for her and that day, I reached home late and unluckily, my mobile got switch off due to battery loss. My entire family was waiting for my arrival at main gate. And when I reached near the gate, she jumped out of my mummy’s hand and ran towards me to carry the small toy which I was having only for her. She came faster to me, took the gift and ran towards home to show the gift to his grandfather. She was so happily running and so smiling that everyone at home  forgot their pain.

Then we realize, happiness lies in small things …we just need to learn from the kids…

How to Celebrate Safe and Eco-Friendly Diwali

How to Celebrate Safe and Eco-Friendly Diwali

We all know, Diwali is the best festival for which everyone awaits every year and plan to celebrate the same in a different & traditional way.  We see the markets crowded, Offices decorated, Residential places cleaned, People’s well-dressed, it means, everything Looks so charming and happening that feel like heaven in the earth. Diwali, no doubt, brings different religion people together. Though it is a Hindu festival but every religion and almost every country celebrate the festival with great fun and enthusiasm.

Being a Diwali week, everyone must be preparing for the Diwali and will be planning on how to celebrate the Diwali in a different way. Here are some points mentioned for celebrating the safe, Eco-friendly and prosperous Diwali:

  • Clean Entire Home and Work Place:

Diwali is the beginning of new phase of the New Year. People started cleaning their home and work places, whitewashing and getting furnished with the exclusive furniture and accessories. Giving a new look to your home and work place makes you pleasant.

  • Avoid Too Much Crackers:

Yup, Diwali is the only festival which is celebrated with the crackers which spread air and noise pollution. We are not against the crackers; instead we should avoid heavy and dangerous crackers. Try to keep children away from the crackers. Play safe and play healthy.

  • Gift Home-made Items:

Due to huge markets, shopping malls and e-commerce web portals, we do have various gifting options. But this time, try something new and unique. Design by your own and present something which is adorable and useful. This is the time to show your creativity and make others happy with your love.

  • Use Oil Diyas Only:

Diya is the symbol of Indian tradition. Apart from this, it is treated as pure as it is made of mud. We may use candles but candles release toxins which are harmful for health and the other big thing I.e., it cannot be reused as Diyas.  To lighten up the house, we almost use electric lights but it also leads to high electricity consumption and so enhances the expenses also.

  • Celebrate in Groups:

No festival can be enjoyed alone, and when it comes to Diwali, join your family, friends, neighbor or relatives etc. Being in community brings more fun ideas, togetherness brings team spirit, and we can burst into laughers & share gossips in group.

  • Prepare Sweets and Delicious Dishes at Home:

People usually avoid preparing food or eatable items at home to save time for having more fun. We should not think like this.  Because markets food and sweets may be made of cheap materials to fulfill the market demand which can adversely affects the health. So it is highly recommendable to made eatables at homes with the family members.

  • Go for Shopping:

Shopping is always pleasant, especially for females as they are fond of shopping and crazy for trendy outfits & jewels. Diwali is the occasion when everyone wants to wear new dresses. Apart from this, one may buy Eco-friendly decorative items for home, kitchen accessories or electronic items which are mostly required.

  • Design Rangoli:

Decorating floor with the colorful rangoli is another attraction which makes the home delighted. One may use colors, flowers, rice flour, and other creative items to design rangoli. Rangoli designs may be downloaded from Internet.

Last but not the least, try to give charity to the needy people, care for your family members, exchange gifts, play games, greet visitors with smile and sweet hug, offers sweet & dishes, forget jealousy, perform puja and celebrate the Diwali festival with great love and fun for the sake of everlasting memory to welcome to Goddess Lakshmi at your door.

Women Are Still Dependent and Surviving…

Women Are Still Dependent and Surviving

Women are still living life of dependency. India got freedom in 1947 but still not all the citizens of India. There is still discrimination present with the great percentage. If we talk about the male generation, they got freedom of every kind like they can wear whatever they want, they can go wherever they want to visit, and they can eat whatever makes them happy. They still order to women to cook for them, wash their dirty clothes, and so many other things as if women are just slave of male people. I am not against the male generation; I am against their so called cheap thinking which allow them to take away the freedom of women.

We celebrate 15th August as our freedom day and Women’s day on 8 March. But why? If women still have to depend on the male generation, then what’s the need of celebrating Independence Day and women’s day? Government declared that male and females are equal and both have equal rights. If whole world knows it as universally truth then why females are not allowed to live the life as they want. They are always given an option either to live alone with their own conditions or will have to drop their dreams if they need partner.

Before marriage, girls are given huge protection through parents. They are bound to go outside in the evening. They are bound to do late night jobs. They are bound to have fun with friends. They are bound to study more as well. Because they are supposed to have all the fun with the future life partner decided by the parents. But what’s the surety of getting true of dreams after marriage. If parents are not able to fulfill the dreams then how can they rely on the strange person who is going to come in girl’s life for a reason? Yes!! A reason…

Marriage is a beautiful relation which joints two hearts together and so the two families together. But marriage is based on terms and conditions. Girls have to face too many difficulties just to save her marriage relation. But why only girls strive for relation!!!

Girls have to sacrifice their dreams just to fulfill the dreams of her life partner.

Girls can’t perform her job just to support her husband.

Girls can’t study further because she has no right to go ahead of her husband.

Girls have to wake up in the morning just to perform the domestic chaos.

Girls are not allowed to have social networks after marriage because our society has cheap thinking.

Girls can’t have male friends but a male can have female friends.

Girls are not allowed to wear modern dresses after marriage but boy can wear Western dresses.

Girls are required to carry palla on head as a part of tradition but boy do not need to follow any tradition.

If girls wear traditional ones, they are treated as backward, if girls wear western; they are made fun of being modern.

If a girl wants to live her life, she is being threatened to leave after marriage.

Why all the rules for the girls only? Why a girl is treated as robot? Why boy are allowed to take decisions? Why only girls have to save marriage? Girls do take care of her families from morning to evening but still girls are not being treated as human..

I just want to ask. Why?

Girls are human, they have hearts, they too dreamt, they too have mind, they love, they care and they want to spend their life with her partner but with no conditions. Please treat her well, not more than, but at least as human….

List of Things To Do When Getting Bored

List of Things To Do When Getting Bored

Everyone has their unique nature and they work accordingly. Life is so busy. No one have time to be free but still many of the people get bored while doing same thing or while doing nothing. Time can be managed beautifully if it is spend with great care and thoughtful decision.

Here are the lists of some activities which can help in avoiding your boredom. See what can suit you better:-

  1. Pick up a diary or a notepad and start writing something. You can write about your past or present, reality and dreams, happiness or sorrows, anything you can write which make you excited or spend our time
  2. Girls may learn recipes and start implementing the same on kitchen.
  3. Lock your room and start dancing. It would work as physical exercise and would increase your stamina
  4. If you are married woman, play with your kids when your husband is out for office. If you are with your spouse, plan a picnic with your family.
  5. Perform some art in which you are expert or you want to gain knowledge. A photographer may click pictures, dancer may dance, singer may sing, and so on..
  6. Make a tea or coffee and sit on the terrace. View the outside scene and enjoy the nature.
  7. Pick your phone and start chatting with your friends. Or dial number and enjoy gossips
  8. Go for shopping or window shopping. Shopping is better Idea for girls.
  9. You may spend your boring time in cleaning the home. Home will look beautiful and you will get some peace and satisfaction.
  10. Start solving puzzles to enhance your knowledge as well.
  11. Not in mood to go outside, then switch on your television and watch your favorite channels.
  12. Play your favorite games with your neighbors of friends like cricket, badminton, carom, volleyball, basketball and so on.
  13. Read interesting novels to refreshen your mood.
  14. Best idea is to get sleep. Though it is a part of laziness, but still it can be better idea to have rest and to relax your body.
  15. Go for spa or parlor and get massage or facials
  16. Planting can be better way to spend quality time. Greenery will automatically improve your time and mood.
  17. You can plan a get together with your friends. Either go for movie or for adventure places, either throw party at house or join disco etc.
  18. Start making list of what to do works
  19. Drawing can be a good activity, you need not to be a professional, sketching can be done by anyone.
  20. Listen to music and walk around park or any place nearer to you.
  21. Arrange a surprise for your spouse for no reason like candlelight dinner or decorating room, it will strengthen the bonding of the relation.
  22. Net surfing – the best and most popular activity now days. Googling your searches may improve your mood and enhance excitement
  23. Style your hairs, design your dresses, paint your nails, cleanse face and perform other homemade skin activities.
  24. Go on YouTube and watch hilarious movies and other videos whichever you like
  25. Arrange something, like your home, flowers, almirah, refrigerator, bag, bed, certificates, photo album etc.
  26. Wash your car or any conveyance you are having
  27. Go to restaurant of your choice and eat delicious food.
  28. Do madly things like dirty dancing, make mouths in front of mirror, dress up sexy, open everything, act like anyone, follow the passengers, gesture unknown persons,
  29. Go to gym, exercise at home, start mediation, perform yoga or aerobics
  30. Go romantic with your spouse
  31. Clean the junk folders and images from your mobile or desktop devices.
  32. Learn English words from the English dictionary which you have never heard or used.
  33. Do anything volunteer or social service which makes your feel proud.
  34. Search for the school friends who are not in your online friend list.
  35. Adopt an alphabet and start making. Unlimited words as you can .
  36. Research on the tourist places to explore or make plan to visit for outing and fun.
  37. Day dream about something which you like most to be happened in your life.
  38. Bet yourself for any adventurous things like stepping stairs, running miles, jumping ropes, throwing and catching balls.
  39. Take selfie to update your profile pictures.
  40. Start learning something new, useful and entertaining.

Too many things and activities are present in life which is uncountable and anyone can perform nothing to avoid boredom. Too much boredom may lead to ditzy and idle mind and may lead to lose the memory level. So spend quality time and involve in the useful activities.

I Bleed, But I am Not Culprit

i am not culprit

I am a girl, I bear pain, I bleed…but I am not a culprit… I am victim...

India is being known for its culture, tradition, rituals and customs. These are called the treasure of the world and these only treasures sometimes hurt a lot. I am a girl and I born in a middle class family like too many other girls. We are brought up with great care and attention, given higher education but we are supposed to adapt the backward thinking. Why? Just because we are girls and we are supposed to follow all these useless rituals which are made only for girl.

I am not allowed to enter into kitchen to cook or to have food. If I need a glass of water, I will have to rely on some other family members. I will have to beg for a glass of water. If no one is available at home, I will have to wait until someone come. But I am not allowed to enter into kitchen. Even i cannot touch the household things. I will have to wash my head daily even i am not willing to do so. If some stain left on my bed sheet, i have to wash it by my own. If some stain left on my cloth, i become a topic of others fun. Not a single boy tries to cover me, but crack jokes on the same. Not only this, i cannot enter into religious places like temple etc. i will have to wait outside. I am treated as harmful insect. But why should I hide myself from others? Why should I am not allowed to go outside and sit at home only?

Yes, I am talking about the period’s time during which a girl passes through severe pain with mensuration. In India, mensuration is taken as different way and the victim girl is treated as Infectious to be touched. But this is completely wrong. A mensuration is not a disease; it is process through which ovary is cleaned and that to give birth to a new life in future.  Mensuration cannot be treated as bad as it is compulsory and god gifted.

I too read too many religious books in which menstruated girls are not allowed to work anything because of some religious story behind the same. But who knows the actual history? Who can take the guarantee of the story behind the same? Logic behind of not taking work from the girl at the periods is to provide them the complete rest as her body has to suffer with the several pain and weakness.

In fact, I girl should be taken as pride as she can do the things a man can’t do. If a girl wants, she can take pills to stop the mensuration but she doesn’t do because she knows the real value of being a girl.  If she is suffering through mensuration, she will be called Filthy but if she is not, she will be called Barren. There is no way of escape to a girl. I, being a girl, would like to announce that don’t treat a girl in a different way. She is not supposed to discuss such private thing openly because our society does not allow doing so. But it does not mean, she is culprit or faulty, she is god creature with the unique qualities and mensuration is one of those qualities, not disgust.

Even girls are also suggested to become strong, fight against these old rituals if you are not agree with such strange behavior, raise voice and live with self-respect. Treat yourself at the time of periods as you treat yourself like others days.