Corona, A Wakeup Call for the Mankind

Those who are reading this would agree with me that 2020 has not been welcoming for us. This time the whole world is in agonizing grips of Corona fear. The countries are in the state of lockdown. The social life is becoming next to nothing. The wheel of the global economy has been jammed. The people are considering for isolating and self-quarantining themselves. All the festivities of human life are canceled. Even the most God-fearing ones are unable to sight their holy sites. Nothing is working these days. The entire world seems to tumble down

Corona-An Ordeal or God’s Wrath

Is it an ordeal or God’s wrath on mankind? I asked myself when I got my Umrah trip got canceled. It was going to be my very first spiritual experience. So I went to book cheap Umrah Packages Online with Flights. But I was utterly shattered after coming to know that I cannot go to seek spiritual showers to remove my sins. 

corona fight with whole world

The Holiest Kaaba a Place where Prayers Never Stop

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia owns the most beautiful and the holiest place of this entire earth. This place is none other than the grand Black Square of Holy Kaaba where millions of Muslims fulfill their desire to sight the Divine spell of the place. It is the place where the holy circulation called Tawaf never stops.  

But now you can see this circulation got stopped. It is closed for the prayers due to the horrific spike of a threatening disease Corona. 

Corona Beyond a Mere Disease

Although Corona is a disease, a viral epidemic, and global trouble. But don’t you think it’s beyond a disease? For me it is. The cancelation of my religious pilgrimage is like the stop of Divine Call from Allah (SWT) who is my one and only God Almighty. 

The Human mind is spilling lots of speculations to seek answers to lots of puzzling questions like Why it is started? Why it is spreading? When will It end…? 

Lessons I Learnt from Corona 

For me, it’s a matter more than a mere disease. This is not a pandemic but a wave with lots of lessons for Mankind. So it’s a request to ponder on and understand it. 

None Strongest than God Almighty

I had never thought that in my life I would ever see the so-called superpowers tumbling down just because of a tiniest unseen creature. I have always wondered how these self-claimed superpowers and emerging countries like China, America, and Italy have to bend on their knees before this minute unseen germ. 

coronavirus latest image

Now these superpowers are unable to get free from this terrible trap of the tiniest invisible creature. I realized that neither sin, nor Satan, nor sickness, nor sabotage can tell when this pandemic is going to end. There is only omniscient being who is all knower and all-powerful who knows how and when it will end up completely.

Mankind doesn’t guarantee Right of Brutal Animal Killing 

Be mindful that Divine Justice is bound to happen. No matter how powerful a man is. In the ecstasy of power, the man doesn’t hesitate to inflict extreme pain on those who are powerless or weaker. It is not denied that Man is the Crown of the Creation. But think who has given him the right to inflict pain or kill the other silent creatures of Allah (SWT). 
I was alarmed to see a Facebook video where the brutal killings of innocent animals going on and on. It was a painful show of human barbarity. I see could see the small rates running with the pain caused by the burning fire flames. I could see mankind consuming the half breathing innocent animals. 

It’s more surprising to know how the origin of this killer virus coincides with this present situation. As this virus is transmitted from animals to human beings. You can see how nature is revengeful of the barbaric deeds of mankind himself. How the horrific impacts of our absurd deeds return to us? 

The Futility of Mankind

This human helplessness in the wake of the Corona epidemic proves the futility of mankind in this universe.  This continuous destruction of human life imparts the moral lesson that “pride hath a terrible fall” 

It is thought-provoking that this virus originated from one of the powerful and emerging superpowers China and found its way to Europe. It is a point to ponder how this tiniest virus has engulfed the mighty human lives.

These superpowers failed to root out this invisible creature from their bodies. 

fighting with coronavirus

Epidemics as a Wrath for Sinful Nations

Whether you read Quran or Bible, you would know that Allah (SWT) or God Almighty has sent down the diseases and epidemics to show this wrath on those who intently rejected him. These were the people who deliberately deviated from his ultimate path. 

So indeed, this makes sense in today’s time. But I feel that our situation is even worse than the previous sinful nations. Because we are not only deviated from God’s path but forgotten it altogether. 

This is what I feel when I see the mosques (including the two Holiest Mosques of Muslim Holy cities), churches and other worshipping places all over the world getting closed for mankind. I have never seen the places of God being empty for mankind. 

Coronavirus has made me realize how going against Allah(SWT)/ God’s orders bring troubles for us.  God directs mankind particularly women to cover their bodies. But the Western world was banning Muslim women to wear Hijab or Naqab (covering). 

Now, this Corona infected world is putting on the face mask and covering their bodies to save themselves from this agonizing ordeal.

It is also said that the Chinese authorities were really and repressive against the followers of Christ and Islam. However, God knows better about this. But be very mindful that anyone who fights against God’s commandments ultimately pays for his sins 

Corona infected world is putting on the face mask

Epidemic-A Reminder to Repent on our Sins 

I believe that diseases, disasters, epidemics, pandemic, floods, etc. are the Divine reminder or the wakeup call for us to repent on our sins. This tough time of ordeals allows us to seek forgiveness for our sins. 

So in this challenging time, pray to Allah (SWT) to curb this killer Corona disease and shower his mercy on his followers. 

Epidemic-A Way to Strengthen your Trust in Allah (SWT)

Every epidemic, natural disaster or suffering brings out the helplessness of the human mind against them. Your sufferings and troubles make you realize that nothing can control or eliminate anything unfavorable except your sole God Almighty. 

I am proud to tell you that the precautionary measures against this pandemic have strengthened my ultimate belief in my beloved religion Islam. Because these precautionary measures are exactly per the everyday practice of Islamic hygienic principles. 

The researchers have directed us to wash our hands, nose, and mouth to save ourselves from this prevailing Corona. They have said to keep our bodies and homes neat and clean. 

This is what we Muslims do in our everyday life. 

Death an Ultimate Reality

Indeed, we belong to Allah, and to Him, We have to return (Al-Quran). The deaths from Corona remind me about Death which is an ultimate reality. You have to return to him at last. Corona for me is the reminder to seek Allah’s mercy from the toughness of death. 

In the end, I would just like to say that instead of getting panic, have a firm Imaan or faith in Allah (SWT). Everything whether good or bad happens with his will. He has the right to test you reward you or take anything from you. Just strive to seek his will and blessings for this life and afterlife. You wouldn’t get panic then.