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List of Things To Do When Getting Bored

List of Things To Do When Getting Bored

Everyone has their unique nature and they work accordingly. Life is so busy. No one have time to be free but still many of the people get bored while doing same thing or while doing nothing. Time can be managed beautifully if it is spend with great care and thoughtful decision.

Here are the lists of some activities which can help in avoiding your boredom. See what can suit you better:-

  1. Pick up a diary or a notepad and start writing something. You can write about your past or present, reality and dreams, happiness or sorrows, anything you can write which make you excited or spend our time
  2. Girls may learn recipes and start implementing the same on kitchen.
  3. Lock your room and start dancing. It would work as physical exercise and would increase your stamina
  4. If you are married woman, play with your kids when your husband is out for office. If you are with your spouse, plan a picnic with your family.
  5. Perform some art in which you are expert or you want to gain knowledge. A photographer may click pictures, dancer may dance, singer may sing, and so on..
  6. Make a tea or coffee and sit on the terrace. View the outside scene and enjoy the nature.
  7. Pick your phone and start chatting with your friends. Or dial number and enjoy gossips
  8. Go for shopping or window shopping. Shopping is better Idea for girls.
  9. You may spend your boring time in cleaning the home. Home will look beautiful and you will get some peace and satisfaction.
  10. Start solving puzzles to enhance your knowledge as well.
  11. Not in mood to go outside, then switch on your television and watch your favorite channels.
  12. Play your favorite games with your neighbors of friends like cricket, badminton, carom, volleyball, basketball and so on.
  13. Read interesting novels to refreshen your mood.
  14. Best idea is to get sleep. Though it is a part of laziness, but still it can be better idea to have rest and to relax your body.
  15. Go for spa or parlor and get massage or facials
  16. Planting can be better way to spend quality time. Greenery will automatically improve your time and mood.
  17. You can plan a get together with your friends. Either go for movie or for adventure places, either throw party at house or join disco etc.
  18. Start making list of what to do works
  19. Drawing can be a good activity, you need not to be a professional, sketching can be done by anyone.
  20. Listen to music and walk around park or any place nearer to you.
  21. Arrange a surprise for your spouse for no reason like candlelight dinner or decorating room, it will strengthen the bonding of the relation.
  22. Net surfing – the best and most popular activity now days. Googling your searches may improve your mood and enhance excitement
  23. Style your hairs, design your dresses, paint your nails, cleanse face and perform other homemade skin activities.
  24. Go on YouTube and watch hilarious movies and other videos whichever you like
  25. Arrange something, like your home, flowers, almirah, refrigerator, bag, bed, certificates, photo album etc.
  26. Wash your car or any conveyance you are having
  27. Go to restaurant of your choice and eat delicious food.
  28. Do madly things like dirty dancing, make mouths in front of mirror, dress up sexy, open everything, act like anyone, follow the passengers, gesture unknown persons,
  29. Go to gym, exercise at home, start mediation, perform yoga or aerobics
  30. Go romantic with your spouse
  31. Clean the junk folders and images from your mobile or desktop devices.
  32. Learn English words from the English dictionary which you have never heard or used.
  33. Do anything volunteer or social service which makes your feel proud.
  34. Search for the school friends who are not in your online friend list.
  35. Adopt an alphabet and start making. Unlimited words as you can .
  36. Research on the tourist places to explore or make plan to visit for outing and fun.
  37. Day dream about something which you like most to be happened in your life.
  38. Bet yourself for any adventurous things like stepping stairs, running miles, jumping ropes, throwing and catching balls.
  39. Take selfie to update your profile pictures.
  40. Start learning something new, useful and entertaining.

Too many things and activities are present in life which is uncountable and anyone can perform nothing to avoid boredom. Too much boredom may lead to ditzy and idle mind and may lead to lose the memory level. So spend quality time and involve in the useful activities.

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