Robert Lewandowski and Raphinha fail to score in Barcelona’s 0-0 La Liga opening against Rayo Vallecano

In the first match of the 2022–23 La Liga season beside Rayo Vallecano at Camp Nou, FC Barcelona could only accomplish a 0-0 draw regardless of all of its financial tricks, and media assets.

Given the financial problems the team has been experiencing this summer, four of their five new add-ons were only formally registered and presented for selection 24 hours before the season began.

Even with the presence of Franck Kessie, Andreas Christensen, Raphinha, Robert Lewandowski, and others, they were unable to make a single breakthrough. Since the kicking off last season, Barcelona has unable to score in three straightforward games vs Rayo.

In addition to provoking Barca, Rayo also had many chances to score during the game but, doesn’t converted. At a point of time, Rayo sensed they had slashed the game-winning goal, but Radamel Falcao was offside early in the play, imposing Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen to make an incredible save. Three goals were removed from the game because of offside.

Why I Won’t Get Easier For Barcelona In The La Liga Match

Lewandowski was Barcelona’s biggest acquisition of the summer, and he was meant to help win games like these against teams that were primarily focused on defending and countering. However, the Polish international received few clear looks.

He also didn’t receive a penalty when he was assaulted on a set piece in the first half directly in front of the referee. In the 2nd half, they had made a few more chances, but he missed all the target.

In order to make a title campaign and dislodge reigning champion Real Madrid, Xavi Hernandez did not want to start the season by losing games at home. The difficulties and lack of a solution in many ways reminded me of last season all over again.

Why Went Wrong For Barcelona?

The fact that Barca’s wingers were able to contribute right away was intentional; they were meant to be the ones making opportunities for Lewandowski. Raphinha and Ousmane Dembele, though, did not perform as well as they did at times during the preseason.


The two needed to be nimbler, inventive, and quick in Barcelona. The wingers’ sluggish, meandering, and occasionally conservative moves as well as their predictable, imprecise, or unimaginative passing contributed to the success of Rayo’s low defensive block.

It didn’t help anymore for the first 30 minutes of the game, Xavi started Raphinha on the right and Dembele on the left. Dembele was clearly more at ease and involved when they switched flanks to their more natural positions.

Lewandowski Is No Longer Playing In The Bundesliga


The current FIFA player of the year will need to alter his approach in Spain due to the different difficulties presented by opponents’ tactical sets. Bayern Munich had a little more room to manoeuvre despite being the better team in Germany, and defenders were not as closely packed as they were when Lewandowski was defending Rayo.

Lewandowski would receive crosses into the box in Germany, but Rayo proved to be a significant challenge. There were times when you could have easily forgotten he was playing. And the calendar still has a tonne more of these games scheduled. Lewandowski did shown polish with a goal he scored with a beautiful chip over the goalie, but the pass that found him was offside.

Otherwise, there wasn’t much to do for the entire 90 minutes. In the first half, he attempted to capitalise on a bad Raphinha cross. With six minutes left, he had the opportunity to win the game, but he was unable to quickly enough morph his body into position to benefit on a rebound that the Rayo goalkeeper had allowed.

Barcelona Can Benefit From Frenkie De Jong


When the Dutch all-around player came off the bench to play midfield, Barcelona got a boost. He possessed the clear thoughts and good touches that Barcelona lacked during the game in and around the box. He would have been a better choice than Gavi, who struggled to have an impact on the game, in retrospect.

Barcelona may want to reconsider its plans for De Jong in the final two weeks of the summer transfer window given his impact on the game. Although he is a rare player who suits Barcelona’s system, some teams are interested in signing him.

The Final Score Of Barcelona Vs. Rayo Vallecano
                            1st Half               2nd Half                     Final
Barcelona               0                          0                               0
Rayo Vallecano      0                          0                               0


Total Goal: None

La Liga Final Highlights And Live Updates Between Barcelona And Rayo Vallecano

95th minute, Barcelona 0, Rayo Vallecano 0. Rayo wins! Radamel Falcao scores on a rebound, but his initial shot was blocked by Marc-Andre Ter Stegen because he was offside. What a crazy way to end this one.

Sergio Busquets is dismissed in the 94th minute. After the Barcelona captain receives a second caution for raising his arm in Radamel Falcao’s face, Barcelona is reduced to 10 men. Second yellow, and Busquets is out of the game.

90th minute- 8 minutes’ stoppage time

Franck Kessie scores in the 88th minute after Ansu Fati’s shot is blocked by the goalkeeper, but the goal is ruled out because Kessie was offside during the initial pass.

Auba’s effort is pushed off the line by a defender in the 84th minute, and Robert Lewandowski is unable to put the rebound in the goal. Now it’s frenzied.

In the 79th minute, Rayo substitutes Salvi Sanchez for Isi Palazon on the right wing, and Jordi Alba is replaced by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as Barcelona switches to a 3-4-3 to finish the game.

76th minute: Franck Kessie fires a shot that is well off just after Robert Lewandowski collapses in the box (no penalty). You can feel the beginnings of desperation. Frenkie de Jong is significantly advancing the attack.

During the water break in the 72nd minute, Franck Kessie replaces Pedri. Xavi Hernandez, the manager, is out of alternatives.

In the 69th minute, Sergio Busquets attempts a long-range shot but is denied by Dimitrievski. Later, Radamel Falcao tackles Busquets in a risky manner and is given a warning. Star-studded Barcelona has just 20 minutes left to make a breakthrough.

Ansu Fati fires a curler in the 65th minute, but Dimitrievski parries it away. Fati was located by Ousmane Dembele near the top of the Rayo box, but the keeper was prepared.

In the 60th minute, there were three substitutions: Ansu Fati for Raphinha, Sergi Roberto for Andreas Christensen, and Frenkie de Jong (for Gavi). Ronald Araujo will go to centre defence, and Sergi Roberto will play right back.

Fans are criticising Rayo goalkeeper Stole Dimitrievski for wasting time in the 58th minute. When Rayo earned a decisive 1-0 victory last season, this was his plan of attack.

In the 54th minute, Lewandowski, who had just picked his pocket and was advancing toward goal, received a yellow card from Rayo center-back Florian Lejeune for tugging him back.

52nd minute: Rayo has another opportunity! The Barcelona defence is in disarray as Sergio Camello races onto the ball in open space. But he was unable to fire a precise shot. He has good footwork, and Barcelona’s defence went into emergency mode as a result of him.


46th minute: The second half has begun, and you can already tell that Barcelona is under pressure. No changes for both sides.

Barcelona 0 Rayo Vallecano 0 At The Half Time

Barcelona didn’t play well for the first 45 minutes of the game. Raphinha and Ousmane Dembele saw a lot of the ball, but despite all of their touches, they weren’t nearly dangerous enough. Robert Lewandowski only had one opportunity, but it was a terrible cross.

Jordi Alba and Marc-Andre Ter Stegen made crucial saves to prevent Barcelona from conceding a goal. Alvaro Garcia of Rayo is a difficult opponent for right defender Ronald Araujo. Sergio Camello, an attacker for Rayo, has also displayed some skill inside the Barca box.

Work needs to be done for Xavi Hernandez. After barely 45 minutes, it’s already beginning to feel somewhat like last season.

Raphinha had the ball on his foot in the box and room to move as the referee controversially ended the first half. The bench is furious because he denies them the opportunity to complete the play.

What a stop by Marc-Andre Ter Stegen in the 47th minute! Alvaro Garcia of Rayo enters the area from his wide left position, and Ter Stegen cuts the angle and blocks the ball with his chest by moving off of his line. The game’s finest opportunity was that one.

In the 45th minute, Jordi Alba makes a crucial defensive play in the box to block a cross that was intended for Isi Palazon of Rayo. Five minutes have been set aside. Oscar Trejo of Rayo is given a yellow card for impeding a Barcelona transition.

Robert Lewandowski attempts to score with a header in the 37th minute, but Raphinha’s pass was behind Lewandowski. Pedri had just missed the post with a curling shot shortly before that. Barcelona is currently going all out.

Ousmane Dembele is now on the right side, where he appears more at ease, in the 35th minute. As soon as he has possession of the ball, he sets up a shot for himself that Rayo goalkeeper Stole Dimitrievski blocks without allowing a rebound.

Rayo Vallecano poses the first threat following the interval in the 32nd minute with a set piece. The guests are demonstrating their potential for trouble.

Water break in the 27th minute. As they give their players instructions, both coaches are excited.

20th minute: Raphinha attempts a high shot from the top of the box. Brazilian activity has been intense. Soon after, Ousmane Dembele, the other winger, also attempts a goal.

With their 1-on-1 skills and drive to succeed, these two players are currently adding a new dimension to the Barcelona attack.


Ousmane Dembele received a yellow card in the 14th minute for a risky tackle he made on Pathe Ciss while attempting to recover the ball. It was a wise decision. Barcelona is combative, with and without ball.

Lewandowski scores a beautiful chipped goal in the 12th minute, but it is called back because he was in the penalty area while offside.

Until Raphinha makes a run into the right side of the Rayo box and is brought down by a tackle from the left back in the 10th minute, this match had a quiet beginning. But nothing is present. The referee made a wise no decision.

First minute: Rayo takes the opening kick and attacks with a direct ball and intense pressure. Raphinha begins on the right while Dembele starts on the left.



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