Pakistan is witnessing the worst flood in its history

Almost 1\3 portion of Pakistan is under water and it is counted as one of the worst floods in the history of Pakistan. You will find hundreds of satellite images of Pakistan from the European Space Agency on the internet. They are enough to understand the condition. The massive flood creates several other problems for the citizens of Pakistan, which include a lower supply of food and drinking water. Around millions of Acres, crops are wiped out and people are left with nothing. 


The reason behind the flood in Pakistan is an overflow of the Indus River. Let us tell you that the torrential monsoon rainfall is about 10 times heavier than the usual one and it creates a long lake that is tens of kilometers wide. 


Pakistan is facing two crises at present. The first one is a flood and the second one is a food crisis. According to the reports of Charity Action Against Hunger, about 27 million people don’t have enough food and water. 


The Chief executive of the Disasters Emergency Committee delivered a speech, “ Our priority is to help Pakistan and protect lives as the water is still rising.” The destruction level of the flood is very massive as all the crops were swept away and the livestock killed. This is a sign of hunger and crisis. “


The price of basic food items like onions and tomatoes has skyrocketed. The WHO also classified Pakistan as having the worst flood ever and declared the highest level of emergency. People in Pakistan are getting numerous viral and infectious diseases, which adds to the crisis. 



  1. Who is the Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Ans. Shehbaz Sharif 


2. Who is the chief executive of the Disasters Emergency Committee?

Ans. Saleh Saeed


3. What are the points included in the flood crisis?

Ans. The crisis of hunger, along with the number of diseases. 

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