Ukrainian was told to be Ready to fight for Russia

The progress of Ukrainians in the southern regions of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia has been far more limited than its success in the northeast. The front-line positions come under regular fire as both Ukraine and Russia attempt to push forward. Abdujalil Abdurasulov gained very less access to the front line in Kherson. It is a region where Ukrainian men have been told that they could be drafted to fight for the Russian army. 


An old Soviet self-propelled howitzer known as Gvozdika or Carnation was rolled out in an open field and put into the proper position. Its barrel tilts up “Fire” comes to the command. Let us tell you that the gunners hastily moved away after the last shot, acting quickly. 


Although the advance of Ukrainian forces in the south is very slow, their artillery units will remain busy. Stus is the commander of the gunners and explains that the Russians target him, which they respond to in order to silence him. Their job is very much felt at the front line. The soldiers walk across the vast field under the cover of a tree line. They do not pay any attention to the sounds of the missiles flying above their heads or the thud of the explosions. The Ukrainians moved very quickly to reach a destroyed farm building that they took back just a week earlier. 



  • Who is the commander of the gunners?

Ans. Stas 

  • How far does the Russian observation post be?

Ans. 500m 

  • When Ukrainian are moving quickly to reach the destroyed farm building?

Ans. A week ago

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