Zelensky warns that Russia wants to destroy Europeans’ daily lives

In a speech, Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, said that Russia wanted to destroy the everyday lives of European citizens. He regularly addressed the citizens and said, “It is trying to attack with poverty and political chaos where it cannot yet attack with missiles.” He delivered a long speech after Russia said that the main pipeline to Europe would not reopen as planned. 


When Russia invades Ukraine on February 24th and there are scarce supplies of gas, the energy prices will shoot up higher and higher. Families in Ukraine will not be able to afford energy for heating this winter. The government is contemplating all the possible measures to take and alleviate the crisis. 


Let us tell you that Germany is one of the most affected countries because of the Russian supply. Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor, said that Russia is not a reliable energy partner. Even in the stand-off, Russia has forced countries to fill their gas supplies. 


Gazprom, a state energy firm in Russia announce to close off 1 pipeline on Friday. The pipeline to Germany had been closed for three days, and Gazprom described that as maintenance work. 


All these things are just making the situation worse for the other countries because the pipeline shut. The government of the country has to focus on it and take corrective measures. 



  • Name any one state energy firm o Russia.

Ans. Gazprom. 

  • Who is the chancellor of Russia?

Ans. Olaf Scholz

  • Who is the president of Russia?

Ans. Zelensky

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