DOT is going to start with a few features like WhatsApp

The world is influenced by popular applications like WhatsApp, Google Meet, Signal, and many more. Just like these apps, Trai is also going to prepare a similar framework that will be used for calling and messages. For the convenience of the people, all this will be done by the DOT, Department of Telecom. The Trail is the recommendation of the DOT on the internet. The sector regulator will come up with a reference to the change in the technical environment and new technologies. 

Let us tell you that the Trai was not accepted by the DOT at first, but now the department is seeing the Trai as the top player. Although the telecom operators are demanded to apply the same rules and same service for the industry. All the calling and messaging apps are paying the sale license fee. Along with it all the telecom operators and internet service providers have to comply with all the legal interception and quality of service requirements as well. 

In 2008, Trai had to pay the interconnection charges and install the lawful interception equipment just to provide a normal telephone network. The issue was raised in 2016-17 as the issue of net neutrality was discussed by the regulator. 

The government does not impose any kind of restriction on calls and the message service provided by the applications. The regulators make things easy for the telecom operators by removing the interconnect usage charges. The other operator has to pay the charges to the telco to make their customers call and send messages. 


  1. Do the applications have to pay the charges to the telecom operators?

Ans. yes. 

2. What is the full form of DOT?

Ans. Department of Telecom.

3. What is the full form of the trail?

Ans. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. 

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