Former Laker Pau Gasol The Best NBA Players Who Took To Social Media On Kobe Bryant’s Birthday To Remember Him

On August 23, Bryant would have turned 44 so NBA lovers remember on her birthday and here are some wishes.

Congratulations, Hermano will always miss you,” Gasol tweeted.

Congratulations on your birthday, Hermano. Hermano always miss you.

August 23, 2022 — Pau Gasol (@paugasol)

Happy Birthday!

August 23, 2022 — Caron Butler (@realtuffjuice)

Vanessa Bryant sends Kobe a birthday greeting on Instagram:

August 23, 2022 — ESPN Los Angeles (@ESPNLosAngeles)

Happy birthday, little one!” I adore you and adore you! Vanessa Bryant posted, “#44.”

Kobe, happy birthday!

August 23, 2022 — Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers)

Know About A New Documentary: The True Story Of The La Lakers

Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers, begin a new documentary airing on Hulu, is about the Lakers Pau Gasol.

The documentary chronicles the Lakers’ rise under Dr. Jerry Buss, including the Showtime Era, the Kobe-Shaq three-peat, and more.

The series features interviews with LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Pat Riley, Jeanie Buss, and others.

Bryant was a five-time NBA champion, four-time All-Star MVP, two-time Finals MVP, and regular season MVP in 2007-08.

In addition to being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, he was a member of the 75th Anniversary Team and an Oscar winner.


Why Is Kobe Bryant Significant In History?

Kobe Bryant, full name Kobe Bean Bryant, (born August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.—died January 26, 2020 in Calabasas, California), American professional basketball player who helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers to five NBA championships (2000–02 and 2009–10).

Who Was The Better Player, Lebron Or Kobe?

LeBron has a career free throw percentage of 73.4%, while Kobe has a career free throw percentage of 83.7%. On the defensive end of the court, Kobe finished his career with 12 All-Defensive team selections (nine times on the all-defensive first team and three times on the all-defensive second team).

How Many Games Has Kobe Missed Throughout His Career?

Bill Oram created a painful infographic a few years ago (Twitter account suspended). The graph displayed each injury Bryant suffered during his career, as well as how much time he missed as a result of it. The Mamba was forced to miss 22 games due to injuries.

Did Kobe Have A Long-Term Contract With Nike?

Vanessa Bryant and Nike announced on Thursday that Kobe Bryant’s estate has reached a new long-term contract with Nike to continue producing both footwear and apparel from Bryant’s Zoom Kobe series. The announcement comes nearly a year after Kobe Bryant’s initial Nike endorsement deal expired.

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