Yoga Postures Can Reduce L4 L5 Lower Back Pain!

Lower Back Pain Reduce Yoga

Every aspect of the human body requires an equal amount of care. A slight deficiency can lead to a big injury, causing undue stress as well as pain. One of the most sensitive areas that humans tend to ignore is back. Especially the lower back area is subjected to extreme pressure, due to the continuation of heavy work, sitting postures or just a fragile core. There are so many significant aspects that can typically contribute to a discomforting situation, where your back pain tends to aggravate day by day. Hence, it is imperative to find the actual reason behind the cause of your back pain. 

Indications of back pain in the human body:

Often stress, as well as a poor lifestyle also contributes to lots of back issues. The pain might be gentle in the beginning, but it starts to spread and attack other organs and muscles of your body. Just when you are feeling the symptoms, proper preventive measures need to be undertaken. However, some of the indications that the person is suffering from back pain, are as follows:

  • The person is no longer able to stand properly. 
  • Even normal duties seem to be problematic.
  • Participation in daily chores is not possible.
  • Imbalances in the body.
  • Wrong posture
  • The person starts to have side effects like muscle pain, nausea, headache, etc.
  • Individuals seem to get disconnected from the world. 

Therefore, once these symptoms start to arise, it is careful to note that the back pain is only at its first stage. Taking precautions here will help to reduce the signs in the human body. But what is the right method to prevent back pain? Today’s doctors recommend an age-old practice that is trusted worldwide and that is yoga. This ancient practice is known for its magical healing postures and nothing can beat the comfort level you receive after doing yoga. 

The Importance of Yoga:

Careful studies at the professional Physical Therapy Institute at Sicklerville states that ‘’yoga stresses on three key elements in the human body- flexibility, ensuring the stability of the core, and finally correcting the posture. Yoga is also of the opinion that nothing is possible, until and unless the individual is aware of the proper steps to breathing. The coordination of all these important elements will showcase the results in the human body. In fact, when you are practicing yoga, the body goes through a stage of healing. As the individual breathes in and breathes out during the exercises, positive signals are sent to the brain, which starts internal cleansing and healing of all sorts of pain.

Therefore, if your back pain is providing you extreme discomfort, then yoga is the best solution to curb down the pain before it starts to spread to the whole body. However, yoga experts often lay the importance of practicing the right pose. In fact, any wrong posture can worsen the pain, leaving you with no other solution, other than opting for surgery. Therefore, try to do some simple stretching in the beginning, so that the body starts to get flexible. Accordingly, take up some light postures and practice them slowly!

Some precautions to be taken before you opt for yoga!

Adapting to some of the best Yoga postures in order to cure back pain is an easy solution. However, if you have a prolonged history of any sort of bodily injury, then seeking medications from your doctor is a wise step. Before you start with yoga, you need to ascertain that there are no side-effects involved. Yoga practitioners are of their opinion that it is good to consult physical therapists, so that they can guide you thoroughly, with your troubles. 

Also, if your back pain is the cause of headache, an aching body, and excessive discomfort, then the yoga postures should be mild. Try not to stress too much, or else, the pain might slightly increase. Just so to avoid any kind of alignment problems, talk to your physical therapist or an expert yoga enthusiast about the poses that you should adopt today. This will provide long-term results, and the benefits will indicate a better mind and a healthy body!

Some stretches and yoga postures that are perfect for alleviating back pain!

To improve your back-pain issues, some of the yoga postures recommended by experts, are listed below:

  • The child’s pose
  • Cat or cow posture
  • Dog facing pose
  • Foot bend
  • Sphinx posture
  • Reclining pigeon pose
  • Supine twist posture
  • Stretching from knee to chest

A detailed guide on how to practice each one of the above-listed postures are dictated below:

  1. The child’s Pose: The child’s pose is one of the basic exercises that will elongate the lower back, and help in the expansion of your back muscles. Plus, it will make your spine flexible, whereby, you will find less difficulty to stretch. This pose decompresses stiffness in your body and provides instant relief.

    • Take a mat and then kneel on it by folding both your legs. Make sure that your legs are straight here. 
    • Now, extend your arms and fall in towards your stomach. Transfer the weight to your stomach area now. 
    • Keep on breathing and avoid getting stiff near your torso and thigh area. 
    • Rest your hand and your forehead on the ground. Try to extend your arms as far as possible. 
    • Breathe in and breathe out normally and hold onto this posture for at least 3 minutes!
  2. Cat or cow posture: The cat or cow posture is said to provide extra extension facility, helping to strengthen your core and releasing stress from your body. This posture can promote better spine health, can reduce thighs and belly fat, and even release tension from your lower back area. However, individuals carrying out this posture need to check their balance and avoid bending as well as arching too much at one point in time.

    • Fold your legs and your hands and adopt the cat or cow posture. Rest your hands naturally, without exerting too much pressure.
    • Now try to inhale and exhale slowly.
    • While inhaling, try to lift your head up, and while exhaling try to keep your head low. 
    • You will instantly feel comfortable near your hips and back area. 
    • Try to hold onto this posture for at least 3minutes. Increase it once you master it!
  3. Dog Facing Pose: This posture is carried out in a downward position. Have you ever seen a dog stretching? Well, the pose is quite similar, except that you are going to do it in the opposite manner. The dog facing pose is able to provide relief to your hands, chest, and back. The calves will release all pressure, making you comfortable and flexible.

    • In order to start off with this posture, try to bend your legs and hands first. 
    • Once they are firm, lift your bottom or your butt, and balance your lower part of the body.
    • Slowly, extend your hands, by spreading your fingers. Straighten your legs as far as possible. 
    • Now, do not rest your leg directly on the ground, but tilt it towards the ground. Raise your hips and balance your body. 
    • Try to stay in the posture for at least 3 minutes!
  4. Foot bend: This is also one of the easiest back pain exercises that you can try today. The ‘’foot bend’’ posture helps in stretching your leg, hips and keeps your back in proper shape. Since the pressure is directed towards your lower back area, you will notice a vast difference in the back pain. If this position hurts in the beginning, avoid holding it for too long.

    • First, adopt the half-fold leg position and stretch your hands.
    • Straighten your hands downwards, and try to touch the ground.
    • Release your butt backward, and tuck in your tummy. 
    • Keep your chin tight and allow your spine to straighten itself and do away with excess pressure. 
    • Now breathe in and breathe out.
    • You should hold onto this pose for a minimum of 2 minutes, and maximum for 4 minutes!
  5. Sphinx Posture: The sphinx posture allows the human body to completely relax. Here, the mind and body stand in perfect alignment, with the lower back in the complete rest position. There is no stressing out, and the body also releases extra pressure.

    • First, you must try to flatten your leg and the lay down by your belly. Keep your body alignment straight here, so that you can receive maximum benefits of this yoga.
    • Now, fold in your hand, keeping them near to your chest. Folding should be done from your elbows. Avoid stretching the leg too far away.
    • Now, keep your head straight and breathe in and breathe out.
    • Also, try to calm down your body from the poses you just did earlier, and also relax your shoulder muscles. 
    • Finally, carry on this sphinx posture for at least 3 minutes or more!
  6. Reclining Pigeon Pose: The pigeon posture is also termed as the ‘’figure four position’’. The entire yoga resembles the number 4, which is carried out with your leg. This pose releases the pain from your body and provides strength to your lower half. The legs also strengthen with time, by practicing this yoga.

    • To carry out the pigeon pose perfectly, lie down with your back towards the ground, in the normal sleeping position. Adjust the body alignment. 
    • Next, take your left foot and cross it over the right foot.
    • The right foot should be half-folded here.
    • Stretch your hands at the back, which enables you to distribute the pressure to your back area.
    • Carry on with this posture for three minutes.
    • Now, switch the leg sides and repeat the same, for another 2 minutes!
  7. Supine Twist Posture: If you are looking for adequate relaxation by means of yoga postures, then you got to try the supine twist posture for your back pain. Having tons of benefits, this yoga is used to keep your muscles healthy, along with providing relief for your back pain. Sometimes, it is difficult for individuals to carry out this posture, only because there is twisting of the stomach muscles involved. Only if you are suffering from mild back pain, you can carry on with this yoga. However, it is advised to support your back, by placing some soft towel underneath. This will remove any kind of extra stress or pressure.

    • Now, lie down in the sleeping position and bend your legs half. 
    • Instead of keeping them straight this time, bend them together sideways. 
    • Keep your hands on top of the leg, with the support of your elbows. 
    • Align your head in the direction opposite to the direction of the legs and hands. 
    • Your face should be in the upward direction, and the chest should be perfectly faced towards the ceiling.
    • Hold this position for at least 3 minutes and change the sides of your leg. Accordingly, change the head position as well.
  8. Stretching from knee to Chest: A simple exercise that can work wonders is the knee to chest pose. Your back, along with your stomach muscles, will receive relief from all kinds of pain.

    • Lie down on the ground in the sleeping position. Rest your arms first.
    • Slowly, fold your legs and lift them up. Bring them up in the folded position towards your chest. 
    • Keep your chest straight and keep your face straight towards the ceiling. 
    • Hold your legs tight with the help of both your hands. 
    • Now, slowly move your body from one side to another.
    • Stay in this posture for at least 3 minutes!

The Final Thought: One of the conditions of getting in touch with yoga to get relief from back pain is dedication. Yoga is by far, the only ancient practice that promises to purify the body and soul. Hence, utmost dedication to each posture is mandatory. Also, confidence while doing your poses brings better results. That is why start slow and slowly increase your time for the postures. With time, you will notice a major difference with your back pain!