VisaHQ Reviews

A holiday is one of the most enlivening and refreshing activity one can experience. Whether it’s a short holiday or long, solo trip or family vacation, overseas travel or a honeymoon trip, a journey to your favourite destination takes away all the stress of everyday life. But all such fun requires careful planning and a lot of homework – air tickets, hotel accommodation, visa requirements and so on.

No matter what your travel reason might be – work or pleasure, searching a visa service company who can handle all your travel chores honestly and smartly is a wise move. What a relief when you can find a travel company who carry your burden and save you from all the headache and hassles and present a sensible travel cost.

All visa service companies are not equal. Some are there just to squeeze out more money without a satisfactory solution and undertaking. Over here, we highlight our strategies, the way we work towards your visa and what you can expect in return from a leading visa provider such as iVisa.

Customer Service

Who likes to stand in long queues dealing with those not-so-kind officers and then the whole day is wasted and unproductive. That’s where iVisa and VisaHQ step in and provide access to reach customer support via online chat, telephone and email. Our visa experts are there for you 24×7, offering the easiest solution and help to your visa processing. Whether you wish to know your visa application status or make changes in your itinerary, iVisa’s uninterrupted customer service is exceptionally helpful and reliable.

Additional Services

Basically, the feedbacks of our customers rate us as highly efficient visa agents and customer-satisfaction representatives than VisaHQ. Despite a few glitches with VisaHQ, customers were usually satisfied with VisaHQ’s customer service. Both VisaHQ and iVisa allow clients to manage their applications online as the website of both agents are streamlined that offers low cost estimates and tells the customer to begin the process by filling out a simple form. While filling out the form, both agents allow applicants to save their details for future usage. Customers also get to see their application status as well as chat with visa officers to clarify any doubt. In case you wish to plan your trip and are unsure of the destination you wish to visit, the website for VisaHQ offers basic information on every country and their visa requirements. Moreover, VisaHQ also processes US Passports for a fee. iVisa’s website on the other hand provides a more limited range of services. This can make it faster to navigate if you already know what visa you need.

Efficiency of Service

While several customers express satisfaction with VisaHQ’s Services, there are a few complaints as well, ranging from difficulty in reaching out to visa agents and users not being updated on time about any missing documents, which in some cases resulted in applicants having to reschedule their travel plans. Most complaints were concerning two reports of identification documents being lost and never returned.

Even a few reports of customers missing or rescheduling their trips throw up an immense red flag for a visa processing company! The primary reason for using a visa processing service is to save time and ensure that your documents will be returned correctly and on time after the entire procedure gets over.

In contrast, our review of VisaHQ only revealed a few reports of minor issues that were resolved before the visa was issued and did not result in anyone having to change their travel plans.